Tool Face-Off: OpenAI Assistants API vs Llama-Index/MongoDB Hackathon Recap

Wednesday, May 29, 2024 by Katya
Tool Face-Off: OpenAI Assistants API vs Llama-Index/MongoDB Hackathon Recap

Hackathon Challenges and Opportunities

Participants faced the exciting challenge of developing LLM-based applications with a focus on AI observability to validate app performance. They chose between two sets of advanced tools: Tool Set 1: OpenAI Assistants API Tool Set 2: Llama-Index, MongoDB, and GPT-4 These tools provided unique opportunities for developers to demonstrate their skills in real-world scenarios, making use of the latest in AI technologies to solve complex problems and innovate within various fields.

Prizes for the Hackathon Winners šŸŽ

The event featured an attractive prize pool to motivate and reward the most innovative solutions: Main Track: First place: $1750 cash Second place: $1250 cash Third place: $1000 cash

Special Prizes:

Best use of Tool Set 1 (Assistants API): $3000 cash Best use of Tool Set 2 (Llama-Index, MongoDB, GPT-4): $3000 cash

The Hackathon Winners šŸ†

  • CyberGuardian: An innovative tool that autonomously aggregates and presents information from a variety of news sources, CyberGuardian utilizes Trulens to assess and monitor model responses, ensuring high relevance and contextuality in its outputs.
  • YouTurbio - Video Analysis and Evaluation: This tool revolutionizes video content analysis by classifying video chunks using LlamaIndex and GPT-4, supported by MongoDB as a vector database. YouTurbio enhances understanding of video mood and context, linking directly to source information.
  • RAGFier: RAGfier bridges communication gaps by translating sign language into spoken language and vice versa, promoting inclusivity and accessibility across various sectors such as healthcare and education.

Special Prizes Winners:

InvestMate: This AI assistant tool specializes in financial portfolio management, assisting users in navigating and selecting mutual funds tailored to diverse investment goals.

Simulation AI: In an era of unpredictability, Simulation AI allows users to explore potential future scenarios, generating detailed forecasts of outcomes from a variety of inputs.

Partners and Technologies šŸ¤

A heartfelt thank you goes out to MongoDB, Llamaindex, and Truera. Their support and advanced technologies were instrumental in the success of this hackathon, providing the tools and resources necessary for participants to excel.


The OpenAI Assistants API vs Llama-Index/MongoDB hackathon was a resounding success, demonstrating the power and versatility of AI tools in creating impactful solutions. It highlighted the incredible potential for future developments in AI technology and set a high standard for upcoming competitions in the field. The creativity and innovation displayed by all participants promise a bright future for AI applications across industries.

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