Cohere Hackathon: Winner's announcement

Friday, February 17, 2023 by Marek
Cohere Hackathon: Winner's announcement

What a journey!

On 15th of February winners of the Cohere’s Hackathons were selected. It was the 8th Hackathon organized with Cohere’s team and it was an absolut record regarding number of participants, teams and complexity of submitted projects!

  • 2173 participants from all over the world!
  • 150 teams created by members of the community from different time zones. Background and skill level!
  • 37 working prototypes submitted!!!!

We are more than happy to see how our community grows, how more and more people join our AI Hackathons and how amazing the job they’re doing. We are thrilled to see how amazing projects are created during our Hackathons and the potential they have to be easily transformed into a potentially millions worth startup!

And if you want to learn more about how to start your AI startup, we have a dedicated Hackathon for that with tons of expert talks and materials which will come in handy for you in the future.

But let’s cut the chase - winners!

Give a floor to the winners!

abstract visualisation of multitalent

As always projects were ranked based on a various factors, such as:

  • Degree of Completion Presentation Style Applicability
  • Business value Degree of Innovation
  • Originality Technology
  • Realistic Capability Impact – How unique it is Overall Impression

As we’re always trying to stress the importance of utility of the projects - first find a problem and fix it with AI technology.’s community is all about innovating, creating and building and we support you and your business ideas to be as useful for society as possible. Because if it will find its niche it will both find its users and improve the quality of our lives.

During our winners announcement stream teams had an amazing opportunity to present their projects and pitch the ideas behind them. But from selected 5 great projects created by the finalists there can be only one winner, so let’s make some noise for the Hackathons winner:

First place - Ask Quran

a majestic temple

As it has been said during the stream - due to the general polishing of the project, it’s market potential to be used in education, religion and overall worldwide. We encourage you to get familiar with the project as we are sure you will hear about it in the future!

“[...] Our goal is to develop a system that can take documents in any language and allow users from different parts of the world with different languages to interact with those documents. This can help spread knowledge without any language barrier. We are first testing it out with Quranic text, which is in Arabic, and building a chatGPT-style bot for question answering. In future, we would like to expand it to additional documents in any language. [...]”

Finalist - Project Voice Clue

a tutor and a student

Find out more about this awesome assistant!

“[...] Voice Clue is an AI powered assistant that assists in generating descriptions about a given keyword and reads them out aloud. Our Voice Clue is an AI-powered read-aloud descriptor that uses artificial intelligence and Natural Language Generation algorithms to generate text by itself about a given keyword. Our descriptor also reads the generated text out loud using a TTS (text to speech) engine to produce spoken language. This technology can be used in various applications, such as writing articles, understanding various topics.[...]”

Finalist - Project jour

a cyborg and a girl having a conversation

Another team which delivered an amazing AI chatbot assistant / coach / therapist (and many many more) in order to help people with their everyday struggle!

“[...]People are generally struggling with day-to-day living. Typical well-being structures are cost and time prohibitive. People are missing opportunities to improve because of disconnected systems. What’s our solution? A low-friction mobile application tailored to users unique interests. A conversational experience similar to that of a friend, accountability partner, or licensed practitioner. A programmatic method to connect what they say and actions they need to take. [...]”

Finalist - Project Psy Q Bot

holographic psychologist with a patient

As we all know how everyday struggle can be exhausting we are more than happy to see another project dedicated to help us with mental support!

“Psy-Q Bot is an AI-powered chatbot that provides psychology-related information and resources to users. The development of the bot was guided by the goals of creating a product that is both useful and easy to use, and leveraging the capabilities of Cohere's API as much as possible: we use both generate and embed. [...]”

Finalist - Project Slyngshot

a universe within universe

And last but not least, a lovely project which can help people to create new solutions in a more intuitive and easier way.

“Slyngshot is a product that allows users to create Natural Language Processing (NLP) workflows through a drag-and-drop interface, leveraging cohere's platform. This makes it easy for users to build custom NLP solutions without the need for extensive technical knowledge or programming skills. With Slyngshot, users can connect different NLP components, such as text generation, embedding, and vector storage, to create sophisticated workflows. The drag-and-drop interface provides a visual representation of the workflow, making it easy to understand and manage. The product is designed to simplify the process of creating NLP solutions and is suitable for both technical and non-technical users.”

What’s next?

a huge tree cared of whole community

We love to see more and more people engaged to work with AI, especially with Cohere. As always we encourage you to join our future AI Hackathons and grow with the community!

As we are growing, we want to answer all of our community needs, that’s why we want to invite you to our AI startup Hackathon!

Also if you want to learn more about all of the created projects and get inspired or know more about the possibilities the AI technology offers, check out our AI app page.

Once more, congratulations to all of the participants! We are happy to see so many of you engaging in shaping the future and taking part in the AI revolution! See you soon!

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