Psy Q Bot

Created by team The Incremental Experience on February 04, 2023

Psy-Q Bot is an AI-powered chatbot that provides psychology-related information and resources to users. The development of the bot was guided by the goals of creating a product that is both useful and easy to use, and leveraging the capabilities of Cohere's API as much as possible: we use both generate and embed. The system is composed of a web client built using React and a server that provides centralized access to Cohere. The key component of the application is Cohere, which is used to analyze user questions, match them with relevant sources in the dataset, and generate responses. The Embed endpoint of Cohere is utilized to analyze and compare questions, while the Generate endpoint is used to generate responses and improve the custom Cohere model. The dataset used by the bot has also been partially augmented using Cohere's Generate endpoint, allowing for continuous training and refinement of the model.

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