Created by team Ahmed - Chan Enterprise on February 03, 2023

What problems are we trying to solve? People are generally struggling with day-to-day living. Typical well-being structures are cost and time prohibitive. People are missing opportunities to improve because of disconnected systems. What’s our solution? A low-friction mobile application tailored to users unique interests. A conversational experience similar to that of a friend, accountability partner, or licensed practitioner
 A programmatic method to connect what they say and actions they need to take. What makes us unique and valuable? Interconnected systems that cut through the burden of organizing your daily actions Overall, it’s a more cost effective solution as it combines multiple solutions together (journaling, virtual assistants, therapists/life coaches) 
 Low barrier to entry, minimal effort required from the user, no subscription model that gates features Fast feedback loop Who is this product for? Young Adults 18 - 25 that are tech savvy and are looking to improve themselves but cannot afford professional services
 Adults 25 - 45 that cannot commit time or effort on a professional service but understand its value
 Introverted individuals who are self-sufficient or self-reliant but don’t have a strong accountability system

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