Voice Clue

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Created by team WeM2 on February 03, 2023

Voice Clue is an AI powered assistant that assists in generating descriptions about a given keyword and reads them out aloud. Our Voice Clue is an AI-powered read-aloud descriptor that uses artificial intelligence and Natural Language Generation algorithms to generate text by itself about a given keyword. Our descriptor also reads the generated text out loud using a TTS (text to speech) engine to produce spoken language. This technology can be used in various applications, such as writing articles, understanding various topics. The descriptor provides a good intuition on any given keyword. The Voice Clue works well with many word groups. The Voice Clue works with cohere generate api under its hood. It is trained on large amounts of text data / corpus. It learns patterns and relationships in language and generates new information from the learning. It mimics the human way of interpreting the information and generates unseen data analytically.

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