Build your AI Startup Hackathon: Winner Announcement

Tuesday, March 07, 2023 by Marek
Build your AI Startup Hackathon: Winner Announcement

First edition of Build Your AI StartUp Hackathon is over!

In February 2023 had an amazing pleasure and privilege to launch the first AI Hackathon, which was entirely dedicated to helping our community members to build their own AI based startup! For the whole week during our streamed lectures like “How To Create Your AI Startup 2.0” or The Power and Future of Generative AI with Diego Bartolome our community members could learn about all of the necessary factors in founding your very own AI startup! Insights were regarding marketing, pitching to investors and many more. And if you want to go back to the outstanding pill of knowledge or catch up with everything what was said, you can see our VODs on YouTube on Twitch.

And as always - every participant had access to all of the necessary technology, tokens to build around it, tutorials covering everything you would ask for, assistance of our mentors and speakers and support of our amazing community of creators, builders and innovators from all around the world.

It doesn't matter if you build using ChatGPT API, Whisper API or any other one - we support AI based applications and it’s up to you which generative AI model you will use.

So… who won?

numbers in cyberspace

Before we reveal who is the winner of the first edition of build your AI Hackathon, we want to mention that for this particular Hackathon there was a unique prize!

The winner of the Hackathon will be invited to the newly launched’s slingshot program where we will help the winners to incubate and accelerate their product to turn it into a profitable startup.

Your own company after 7 days of hard work? It’s possible with power of AI and assistance of

But despite of breathtaking prizes, let’s see the numbers:

  • 1460 participants from all over the world!
  • 131 teams created by members of the community from different time zones, field of expertise, background and skill level!
  • 27 working prototypes submitted!!!!

The submitted projects were evaluated by the judges using, by such criteria:

  • Degree of completion
  • Presentation Style
  • Applicability
  • Business value
  • Degree of Innovation
  • Originality
  • Technology
  • Realistic Capability Impact – How unique is it?
  • Overall Impression

So don’t wait any longer - let’s meet the winning project, alongside with the finalists!

Winner - Cowork AI

network spreading it's range

This team created a smart assistant to help all small business owners (SMB) struggling with creating social media content to increase their sales!

“We believe that AI can help SMBs be more successful by saving time, generating, and reducing hiring cost. SMBs find social media challenging, time-consuming, and the alternatives to doing it by themselves are hiring a social media manager or ads agency which are costly. [...] The AI social media manager will create more engaging and sales-generating contents in seconds instead of hours. All this can be done using text / natural language interface and data optimization in the background so SMBs do not have to navigate complex technical details.[...]

Finalist - FocusX

students learning from a hologram

From team Inclusive Solutions we got a unique tool to help individuals to learn efficiently!

“[...] With our app, users can access a variety of learning resources such as a To-do-list, interactive exercises, and personalized quizzes. The app's intelligent algorithm also tracks the user's progress and offers personalized recommendations to help them learn more effectively. This approach ensures that users are engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey. One of the most unique aspects of our app is its ability to adapt to the specific needs of individual users. For example, if a user has a learning disability, the app will adjust the pace and difficulty level of the content to suit their needs. Similarly, for users with concentration issues, the app will provide techniques and exercises to help them stay focused. [...]

Finalist - TraceAI

processor that resemble a city

This amazing team created a tool, which can easily fast check anything you encounter on the internet!

“In a post truth world, the ability to quickly fact check any information against the available official public records and statements is a superpower that can hold public figures accountable, make gaslighting the public during election time more difficult and save democracies. [...] The sweet spot between ChatGPT and Google covering both their limitations.”

I’d totally use such a tool, and would you?

Finalist - Automated AI Content

a universe of possibilities

From team Gener8 we got a tool to improve so many fields of content creations - from editing, through social media copy and in the future even an upload!

“A user will provide the link of the podcast he uploaded to youtube. Our project connects to the youtube API to be able to extract both the video and the audio. Then it converts the audio into text, thanks to whisper and does sentiment analysis for each phrase that is said in the podcast. All this is formatted into a dataframe that is used for more in depth analysis. A statistical algorithm calculates the average emotional polarity of each of the clips and selects the best three ones. The idea was to optimize for interaction in social media, and emotional polarity guarantees that it will be interesting. Finally, it outputs titles, description, subtitle files and already cropped videos to the user, so he can simply copy and paste it in its youtube. The idea for the future would be to automate the content uploads as well. [...]“

Finalist - The Gray Area

Structuring chaotic data

This incredible tool is an answer to all of the shift of paradigm and acceptance of the surface of information / content provided! But don’t take it from me:

“The decline of critical thinking has led to increased division in the world, and social media algorithms exacerbate this by limiting exposure to different perspectives in favor of sustained attention and increased revenue.[...]To address these issues, our approach focuses on three core features: objective summarization using AI, presenting points for and against each issue, and using custom thumbnails to grab reader attention. Our technical architecture comprises three parts: gathering news data using NewsAPI and sentiment analysis, using OpenAI's GPT-3 API to fine-tune a model for objective summary generation, and using Firebase and Heroku to store and host the content. [...]

Finalist - MaverickAI

cyber development

An exciting solution for developing countries delivered by this team, which will help its users to save money and time - even offline!

“[...] All existing AI tools require access to the internet but internet connection is limited for developing countries, particularly in rural communities. MaverickAI's purpose is to democratize and improve knowledge gathering, in two key ways: Firstly, we deploy an AI QnA bot via an SMS service, which allows users without access to the internet to get up to date information from the internet. Furthermore, we aim to provide a competitive alternative to traditional search, with an AI bot summarizing and presenting accurate information in a digestible manner. Finally, AI also removes [...]

Will there be a second edition?

launching the spaceship

We, as the believe, that if something is so successful at the first time, it should be improved and scaled. Which means we want to invite you all to the second edition, with amazing prizes, such as joining our unique slingshot program! Save the date - 24th of March 2023!

We are more than happy to see such advanced, innovative and creative ideas and projects, which meet the most important value for, which is using AI to solve problems. We don’t support the overproduction of different apps clones. We value innovation and the impact it will have on users everyday live. We want to shape the world, create trends - not to be copycats.

Discover AI applications created by our participants during all our past Hackathons to get inspired and see how other people are creating something amazing!

And as the dust settles, we want to stress that every out of 1460 Build your AT startup Hackathon members is already a winner, as they learned a lot during 7 days, they met many new people from all around the world and made a huge step in their AI journey.

Join our next Hackathons, win amazing prizes, learn and grow.

Shape the future with AI. Change the reality with!