Created by team Shinko AI on February 24, 2023

In a post truth world, the ability to quickly fact check any information against the available official public records and statements is a superpower that can hold public figures accountable, make gaslighting the public during election time more difficult and save democracies.It takes no time to utter falsities but it takes a significant amount of time and research to fact check it. Majority of a journalist’s time goes into research, not in actual writing of articles. also cuts down distractions and time required to do research on public figures and reduces the entry barrier for political journalism and fact checking. The sweet spot between ChatGPT and Google covering both their limitations.

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"Regardless, if you win, I strongly advise you that you apply to the slingshot program to take this prototype into production. I think that you created a very attractive and niche use case I’ll give you the highest scores for technology, use and clear path forward towards integrations and adding additional AI modules. Great that you took care to interact withusers check out your competition and think about it as a real product and business. Hope to see you in the final."


Pawel Czech