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Living together with my wife, dog, 3 cats and 2 beautiful daughters in Pijnacker. I am a perfervid motorcyclist who can be occasionally found on the circuit, likes to play a game of pool and loves to read (especially fiction). In the past I have travelled a lot, but now-a-days I am taking things slow (whereas backpacking turned into Centre Parcs and Roompot). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ START NEW RESUME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As of 2 weeks: I've left my job to dedicate myself full-time to a groundbreaking project that promises to revolutionize the software development process. We're in the process of developing an innovative code assistant. This isn't just any tool; it's designed to understand your organization's architecture, standards, and tickets, providing developers with a flying start on every project. The secret sauce? We're using local large language models (LLMs) to ensure your data stays secure within your organization. In the early stages of this project, we've already provisioned a cloud provider with multiple LLMs. Our focus now is on fostering interaction between these specialized models. Each model has its unique strengths, and we're excited about the synergy they can create when working together. We're leveraging a range of innovative technologies, including: - open-source LLMs (Llama-2, WizardCoder) - Skypilot (cloud provisioning) - Fastchat (OpenAI API) - BentoML (serving the application) - Langchain (language model interaction) - FlowWiseAI/LangFlow (configuration) - Weaviate (vector database) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ END NEW RESUME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ START OLD RESUME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I can best be described as a team player, with an open view and a competitive mindset. I am someone who does not feel committed to one solution and can easily communicate these solutions within-, but also across domains. I am an (independent) Full Stack Developer with abundant experience using Oracle. Even though I have had side projects like implementing release-pipelines, developing, web apps, mobile apps, customer portals and back-end applications, (PL)SQL and the Oracle database have been a constant factor in my professional career for the past 10 years. It was not until recently that I have begun transitioning towards the (Google) cloud. As a Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect I enjoy designing and building high performance multiregional solutions with Google Cloud Platform. Coming from an Oracle background I can leverage my experience to help clients from transitioning from a vertical scalable infrastructure to a horizontal scalable, zero downtime multiregional serverless cloud environment with low total cost of ownership. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ END OLD RESUME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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