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"Discovered" "AI" in 1999, non-constructively solved "AI" in 2002. An attempt to mechanize the proof is here: It is a consequence of algorithmic information theory that indicates that the larger a program is, the potentially stronger it can be. Practical reasoning dictates that in lieu of a better approach, software (and data) conglomeration is necessary to achieve the required increases in meaningful complexity necessary for solutions to scale to larger and larger problems. Therefore started However much technical capital it possesses, it is lacking in social capital, precisely because it is difficult to communicate the theoretical motivation, which requires the equivalent of a strong graduate level understanding of mathematics. Attempts to create a physical centralized cooperative of AI programmers all failed. Pivoted to the creation of a virtual decentralized cooperative as detailed here: Currently working towards releasing FRDCSA/FLP while sandwiching in more interesting tasks such as finishing building an autonomous agent which is capable of collecting, integrating and applying arbitrary software from GitHub and the like. I'm a riot at parties.


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