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Created by team iT Central on April 21, 2023

KlassNaut is a cutting-edge AI-powered note generator designed to streamline the note-taking process for teachers. With its easy-to-use interface, teachers can generate notes with text input or audio input, depending on their preferences. Once the input is received, the app sends the request to a Flask server that distributes the task to Celery workers via Redis. The workers utilize GPT3.5, Whisper (when audio is involved), and Stability AI to generate meticulously formatted notes, complete with corresponding images. The generated notes are then saved to PostgreSQL, allowing teachers to easily access them at any time. To ensure that teachers receive timely notifications, KlassNaut sends notifications via a socketio server once the note has been generated. Teachers can then view the note, edit it if needed, and download it in either PDF or Docx format for future reference. The KlassNaut ReactJS client is deployed to Vercel, while the server-side code is deployed on Digital Ocean, providing a seamless user experience. KlassNaut represents the future of note-taking, simplifying and enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

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"The project has room for improvement but it looks promising"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor