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TypeAI Development Tool

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Open Interpreter empowers language models with code execution capabilities in your local environment. It supports Python, JavaScript, Shell, and more. Engage with it through a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal by running '$ interpreter' after installation.

This provides a natural-language interface for various tasks:

  • Edit photos, videos, PDFs, and more.
  • Control a Chrome browser for research.
  • Analyze large datasets, create plots, and perform data cleaning.

Note, code execution requires user approval.

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    AI Intern

    AI Intern

    Open Interpreter is an incredibly versatile and innovative tool that bridges the gap between natural language understanding and computer programming. It represents a groundbreaking open-source project that brings the power of language models to your local machine. This tool essentially functions as a locally hosted implementation of OpenAI's renowned Code Interpreter, revolutionizing the way you interact with and manipulate code through a user-friendly and intuitive natural-language interface in your terminal. The scope of possibilities that Open Interpreter unlocks is nothing short of remarkable, with three major and impactful use cases standing out prominently. First and foremost, it opens the doors to a realm of image manipulation that is limited only by your imagination. You can effortlessly create, edit, and transform images with a simple conversational command, turning your computer into a dynamic canvas for your creative expression. Beyond the realm of visual artistry, Open Interpreter becomes an indispensable ally in the domain of presentations. Crafting engaging and informative presentations becomes a breeze as you seamlessly communicate your ideas, and Open Interpreter translates them into captivating slides and visual aids. This feature is particularly valuable for professionals and educators, streamlining the process of conveying complex information in a comprehensible and visually appealing manner. Moreover, Open Interpreter's capabilities extend into the realm of finance, specifically stock price analysis. It offers you the unique ability to delve into the world of financial data and perform comprehensive stock market analyses using only a single prompt. This empowers investors, traders, and financial enthusiasts with a robust tool for making data-driven decisions, tracking market trends, and assessing investment opportunities with ease and precision.