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Created by team Inifinity Wave AI Solutions on July 04, 2024

Basic Social App Finally a basic social media app | | Introduction: Basic Social App is a simple social media platform designed for effortless user engagement and connectivity. Unlike traditional social media applications, it emphasizes simplicity in user on-boarding and interaction, allowing users to quickly share their thoughts and connect with others through AI-driven recommendations. How it works: Step 1: User on-boarding User can easily on-board with just phone number or email. We allow users to follow otp based login. Step 2: What’s on mind User is prompted write, what’s on mind. He can also select few AI generated prompts as well. Step 3: Recommendations AI powered recommendations. AI understand the user interaction and then starts recommending the best content, people, services, apps, subscriptions. Step 4: Creators Users can create content, reels, text, audios, ads, news etc and rather than spending lot of time in hastags or other meta data. They can simple specify whom to show. Step 5: Organizations | Marketers Organizations rather than spending lot of money on marketing to large unclear audience, With Basic.Social they can clearly reach their potential clients immediately. Hence a basic social media app. Features: AI Recommendation Chat Voice Call Video Call Feed Analytics Content creation tools Unique Selling Points (USP) Effortless On-boarding: Users can join the platform using just their phone number or email with OTP authentication, eliminating the need for extensive profile creation. AI-Powered Connectivity: AI algorithms help users connect with millions of other users with similar interests and thoughts, enhancing engagement and community building. Marketing Innovation: Marketers and organizations can reach users by offering freebies, fostering a more organic and engaging form of advertisement. Minimalist Design: The app focuses on simplicity and usability.

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