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Created by team Maverick on July 10, 2023

SmrtEd is an innovative web-based platform that revolutionizes the learning experience for students. It offers advanced features to enhance presentation creation, note-taking, and interactive learning. With customizable templates and multimedia integration, students can create visually appealing presentations with ease. The AI-powered audio-to-notes conversion feature automates the extraction of key concepts and timestamps from audio, saving time and enhancing study efficiency. SmrtEd's quiz creation tool enables students to transform their notes into interactive quizzes for active learning and self-assessment. Collaboration is fostered through seamless sharing of presentations, notes, and quizzes among students. SmrtEd caters to students at all education levels and supports tailored versions for institutions. Pricing options include a Basic Plan with free access, a Student Plan at $9.99 per month, and an Institution/Organization Plan with custom pricing. The platform is promoted through targeted digital marketing, strategic partnerships, social media engagement, and referral programs. SmrtEd empowers students to create captivating presentations, generate comprehensive notes, and engage in interactive quizzes. It revolutionizes the way students consume and engage with educational content, fostering effective learning, collaboration, and knowledge retention.

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"great work, great application and presentation, just need work on the idea and increase more features to be unique as this idea is becoming common.good luck, i loved your work"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor