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Created by team RollWithAI on July 31, 2023

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to StreetSmart - a groundbreaking web application designed to teach individuals who are visually impaired pedestrian safety, orientation, and mobility skills through an engaging and interactive game. To develop this application, I utilized some incredible tools. ElevenLabs played a crucial role in reading out trivia questions and notifying the user about successful street crossings. I also used Claude 2 to write the Python code that powers the app. And finally, Streamlit was used to build the interface. StreetSmart offers a range of functionalities to enhance the learning experience for visually impaired users: • Simulates Street Crossing: Through this app, when users click on the Cross Street button, they can virtually practice street crossing in a safe environment. ElevenLabs will provide feedback, notifying users if they have successfully crossed the street. • Orientation & Mobility Trivia: When users click on the Answer Question button, the app presents trivia questions related to orientation and mobility. Users can test their knowledge and receive immediate feedback from ElevenLabs on the answers they select. • Points System: To keep users motivated, StreetSmart rewards them with points for both successful street crossings and correct trivia answers. It's a fun and educational way to track progress! • Users can also select the text to speech voice they want to use. The idea for StreetSmart was born during the Covid 19 pandemic when many of us were stuck at home due to shelter-in-place orders. As a result, I couldn't go outside with my orientation and mobility specialist to practice pedestrian safety on real streets. That's when it struck me - why not create an app that teaches orientation and mobility theory using trivia questions and simulates street crossing?

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