Glocaster Breaking Language Barriers

Created by team Febus on July 30, 2023

The Glocaster App is an innovative solution to the challenges faced in the rapidly growing global video content market. With viewers waiting for dubbed content and demand soaring for short-form videos, we provide an intuitive tool that automates the dubbing workflow, creating high-quality synthesized voices and adapting text for perfect video synchronization. Our pipeline extracts audio, performs speech-to-text conversion, and translates text, giving content creators an easy and efficient way to reach non-native language audiences. The potential market reach is vast, with a projected market value of $280 billion by 2025. Break language barriers with us and shape the future of digital content creation and distribution.

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"The presentation was really good, i understood the model and idea in a second. Really well explained and researched for its applicability. I would have loved a demo demonstration on the video presentation though. And if i could find the demo and the github repo. But its a really good idea."


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor