EASY DX - Instant Voiceovers for Game Development

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Created by team Curio on July 31, 2023

Our project tackles a key challenge in the gaming industry: the need for efficient, cost-effective voiceovers. Designed for AAA and indie studios alike, our app uses AI to simplify voiceover creation and dialogue generation. This not only helps to reduce production costs and alleviate time pressures that contribute to developer burnout but also gives indie developers a chance to elevate their storytelling through affordable voiceovers. For AAA studios, our app isn't meant to replace voice actors but to facilitate a smoother, faster game development process. Teams can utilize AI-generated voices during pre-production, allowing for quick iteration on game elements without waiting for final voiceover tracks. By leveraging the ElevenLabs API, our app streamlines the process of creating game voiceovers, cutting down on costly studio time and labor-intensive audio editing. This efficiency leads to quicker production timelines and lower costs, promoting healthier work environments for developers. With its intuitive interface and adaptability, our app is setting a new standard for AI-assisted voiceover production in the gaming industry, enabling even indie games to include immersive voiceovers in a cost-effective way.

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"Great work, good implementation of technology, games now will be different. you will attract more gamer. excellent presentation "


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge

"This is an awesome and well executed idea! Great presentation as well that covers the idea, technology and the business plan."


Chinmay Jog

Machine Learning Engineer