Ghana Revenue Tax Lord

Created by team TechVangelist on November 24, 2023

Ghana Revenue Tax Laws is a custom-built GPT powered by OpenAI's transformative technology, serving as an AI assistant to demystify tax regulations in Ghana. This tool is a beacon for individuals and businesses seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of tax compliance. It leverages an extensive database of official documents like the Parliamentary Approval document and Exemptions ACT 2022 to provide accurate interpretations and guidance. With capabilities such as web browsing for real-time updates, image generation for visual aids, and code interpretation for computational tasks, it’s a comprehensive resource. The platform is not only informative but also educational, encouraging users to engage with tax law proactively and with greater confidence.

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"i like how you tackled a certain problem and define the gap to fill. excellent work. dive more in the solution and add more features to make it easier and cover all needed questions. keep working"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Lablab Head Judge