Habit Blueprint

Created by team CryoBeta on November 24, 2023

While there are many possibilities to track habits, all of these applications lack on one important aspect, how to actually plan an habit. Almost everyone has at least once in their life tried to eat healthier, do exercise, maybe quit smoking, or what if you want to work towards becoming an astronaut? It's extremely hard and we usually fail, sometimes even if the motivation is incredibly strong, but it does not have to be the case. Habit Blueprint's objective is to help the user develop a strong habit plan using concepts from neuroscience and an extremely personalized approach, helping them in facing personal obstacles that might hinder the success through suggestions. It helps the user decomposing an objective into simpler steps, identifying with them the most suitable towards which they should work and defining a plan based on the personal necessities and preferences of the user, using concepts like implement intention, habit stacking and immediate gratification. The target of this assistant is towards the people struggling with improving their lifestyle or for those who are trying to achieve professional and personal mastery. While currently this project is only composed of the assistant component, the objective is to improve it by creating a local application (both smartphone and desktop) that can generate personalized printable plans and trackers, handle reminders (either locally or through Google Calendar and similar), provide links to useful apps/products.

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