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Created by team KIBERNUM USA on May 14, 2024

FongBot started as the idea of being a tourists guide, but ended up being a complete application for both tourist and local Benin citizens. We created the following features: * Advice about places to visit on Benin * Audio to Audio translation English to fon * Image generation from Fon expressions * Text to audio English to fon * Audio to text Fon to English This application will help connecting Benin with the world, with top notch AI technology and language models. Culture is about language, symbols, expressions, but also about SHARING AND HAVING FUN. FongBot will close the gap between foreigns and beninese people!

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"Great project! I love how you found an actual problem and used a multimodal model to find audio versions of Fon. Great presentation as well"


Shebagi Mitra

Technical Mentor