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Created by team The Work on June 03, 2023

Practice is extremely important for the success of therapy, but it can often be difficult to engage in on your own. Therai utilizes Antrhopic's AI chatbot, Claude, to allow individuals to practice therapy exercises in a more engaging manner. The goal is for it to work alongside a therapy regimen, improving treatment adherence and outcomes. While working with a trained professional is strongly recommended, Therai can also be used by individuals who cannot afford or easily access a therapist in order for them to gain some of the benefits of therapy. is built using Progressive Web App technology and can be installed on mobile devices by adding the site to the home screen. After doing so, the app will have its own icon and open full-screen. User API keys and chats are stored locally on the device and remembered between sessions. The backend is an Express Node.js web server. Redis is used to allow editing the prompt and custom API keys without needing to make code changes and redeploy.

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