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Created by team atroCITY on April 28, 2023

AtroCITY is more than just a tool to destroy cities - it's a powerful way to reflect on the current state of urban planning. Using irony to make a point, AtroCITY highlights the wrongdoings of the present, exposing the reality that our cities are often more car-centric and less community-oriented than they should be. By playing the role of an evil urban planner, AtroCITY sheds light on the atrocious results of poor urban planning, creating a thought-provoking experience that challenges our perceptions of what a livable city should be, reflecting on the nuances and complexities cities require to thrive. Through this experience, we can begin to recognize the importance of community-oriented planning and take action to create cities that prioritize people over cars.

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"Ahah, you had so much fun at this Hackathon, guys! Of course there is no business value, but I'd love to see it more friendly. But still, great that you have practice the usage of tech ;)"


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager