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Created by team Onecenter on January 10, 2024

The traditional Call centers encounter a substantial problem in providing services attributable to the explosive growth in clients and data. These challenges include long wait times, frustrated customers, overwhelmed human agents, and decreased operational effectiveness, OneCenter is an AI-powered call center solution that aims to revolutionize customer service operations. It is a centralized platform that integrates cutting-edge technologies such as AI, natural language processing, and interactive voice response to provide smart and timely answers to customer queries over the phone. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, OneCenter continuously learns and improves from past call recordings and customer care manuals, enabling it to deliver personalized support and enhance customer satisfaction

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"The presentation and product are well made. Congrats on getting some traction and incorporating user feedback. As you build up your business, consider quantifying the improvement your product has over similar products on the market."


Hardik Vala


"that's very great project idea to start with in Nigeria. search for competitors outside your country and see what they do so you van standout in any market. good luck"


Walaa Nasr Elghitany

Data scientist and doctor

"That's an interesting product made. Kudos to your team. Also, great that you have already started testing it in the market with some clients."


Abhinaw Tiwari

AI focussed Software Engineer