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24h Claude Hackathon Summary

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Hackathon Overview

Our AI hackathon brought together a diverse group of participants, who collaborated to develop a variety of impressive projects based on:






AI Applications

Winners and Finalists

  • We are in the process of selecting the finalist teams.
  • Your voice matters! Vote on your favorite projects in the section below.
  • Join us for the winner announcement stream, which will be streamed live on Twitch.

This event has now ended, but you can still register for upcoming events on lablab.ai. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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Submitted Concepts, Prototypes and Pitches

Submissions from the teams participating in the 24h Claude Hackathon event and making it to the end 👊

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AISRA-AI Powered Rehab and Recovery App

We help athletes improve their performance and prevent injuries using our AI-Gamified Sports Injury App



Co-Parenting Communication Moderator

A whatsapp bot to help parenAn AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot that moderates and facilitates effective communication between co-parents, helping them manage their parenting plan and visitation schedule.ts co-parent with peace.


Anthropic Claude

Tlers The All in-One Translation Powerhouse

Tlers, a Node.js translation server powered by Claude API, bridges language gaps instantly. Translate text seamlessly between languages, empowering real-time communication and global understanding.

The Game Changers

Assistants APIAnthropic Claude


Meww is an innovative chat application that integrates coding capabilities. It provides a unique platform for users to communicate and collaborate on coding projects


Anthropic Claude
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Massar team submission

Imagine having a friend, a mentor, and a TEACHER all in one app?


Custom GPTs
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Mod GuardAIn

Experience peace of mind with Mod GuardAIn! Our AI app is perfect for small businesses, using Claude's text moderation to ensure positive interactions in your chats and reviews. Say goodbye to negativity and toxic behavior with Mod GuardAIn!

AI Powerhouse

Anthropic Claude

WiseWaste smart waste classification

The smart waste classification project utilizes AI and image recognition via Claude 3 Opus API to classify waste instantly (recyclable, compostable, general waste) and offers personalized waste reduction insights.


Anthropic Claude

AI to understand synthetic biology

We are creating a system to help AI understand synthetic biology. For this project we are looking at student work for the MIT class How To Grow Almost Anything (htgaa.org)


Anthropic Claude
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An app leveraging AI and user preferences to provide personalized food and exercise recommendations for managing diabetes and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Anthropic Claude


Adapt-a-RAG is an adaptable retrieval augmented application. It creates synthetic data to optimize the prompts of the Adapt-a-RAG application. The application recompiles itself every run in a unique and adapted way to the user query.

Team Tonic

Anthropic ClaudeLlamaIndexChromaClarifaiBERTText Generation Web UIOpenAI gym
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Play It AI Musical Instrument Discovery

"Play It" transforms image uploads into interactive lessons on musical instruments, combining Claude 3 AI's insights with user-friendly engagement for all ages.


Anthropic Claude


Introducing Claudestay: Revolutionizing hotel search with Claude 3's intelligence and vector database integration. Swift, accurate results empower travelers to make informed decisions effortlessly.

first team

LangChainGemini AIAnthropic Claude
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Blog Generator with Claude 3

This app is created on streamlit with Anthropic's SOTA Claude 3 opus model that beats GPT-4 on various benchmarks. The model is used along with langchain that is a framework to create AI applications with the help of large language models.

Number Ninjas

Anthropic ClaudeLangChain

Global Insight - Claude 3 Opus

This project enhances AI's predictive modeling, teaching systems like Claude to forecast events from visual inputs, akin to storytelling, thereby aligning artificial intelligence closer to human cognition.

Global Insight

Anthropic ClaudeStable Diffusion
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Recherche-Auto transforms web news research by using Claude to generate targeted queries, organizing and encoding data into custom knowledge graphs.


Anthropic Claude

Your Friendly Diet Companion by Team Promptistics

Your Friendly Diet Companion​: Your AI-powered personal health coach​. Tired of trying diet after diet and still struggling to reach your health goals? Meet your new AI-powered health companion app!​


Anthropic ClaudeLangChain

NerdSphere - Your Gateway to Nerdy Adventures

Explore nerdy events! Find gaming, comics, sci-fi & more. Get personalized recommendations. Join the geek community! Dive in now & unleash your inner nerd!


GPT-3.5ChatGPTCohereAssistants APICustom GPTsOpenAICodiumStable VideoMonday.comDALL-E-2BabyAGIAnthropic ClaudeGemini AIBERT
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An AI-driven platform for exploring, creating and protecting original humor. Discover joke trends, author original content, and leverage NLP to ensure authenticity.


Assistants APICohereCustom GPTsOpenGPTsGemini AITogether AIBabyAGIOpenAIGPT-3.5Llama 2Monday AI AssistantGPT-3GPT-4 VisionDALL·E Image Generation APIStable DiffusionSuperAGIClarifai