Global Insight - Claude 3 Opus

Created by team Global Insight on March 16, 2024

This project explores the advancement of predictive modeling within artificial intelligence, aiming to equip robots with the ability to forecast future events. This capability is designed to mirror the predictive thinking observed in humans, thus enhancing the practical applications and benefits of robotic systems in various sectors. The innovative approach taken involves a unique method of teaching AI systems, like Claude, to interpret and predict future scenarios based on visual inputs, similar to watching television. The methodology focuses on treating visual input as a series of storytelling frames. Claude, for instance, would analyze two given frames, understanding the content and actions within them, and then leverage its natural language generation capabilities to predict and describe what might occur in the subsequent frame. This project not only advances the field of predictive modeling in AI but also opens new pathways for interactive and anticipatory technologies, fostering a closer synergy between human cognitive processes and artificial intelligence.

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