A 30 k special participant’s story

Thursday, February 23, 2023 by Marek
A 30 k special participant’s story

The community is growing!

As you all know, we want to help you grow and give as much to the community as possible. That’s why we decided to have a 30 000 users special article and give a floor not only to Hackathons winner’s and their amazing projects, but to people who wanted to share their stories and experience within our community!

We believe that everyone who joins lablab.ai’s AI hackathons is already a winner - by identifying newest technologies in the early stage, by developing his skills, by creating and innovating, brainstorming and connecting from people all around the world and many, many more!

A journey starts with a single step and participating in our event’s is such a step forward, but don’t take it from us - read three amazing testimonies of people who took part in our AI Hackathons and changed their life!

First story - Augusto Gonzalez Bonorino

4d econometrics

Augusto is a first year PhD student in Econometrics at Claremont Graduate University. His research interests lie at the intersection of neuroeconomics, complexity sciences, AI, and quantum computing. His goal is to utilize these cutting-edge tools to strengthen the theoretical foundations of economics and econometrics, with a focus on causal inference and computational methods. Ultimately, he aspires to gain a deeper understanding of the primary obstacles to sustainable growth in emerging nations, and to contribute to finding solutions to these challenges.

Also worth mentioning is that Augusto received a double degree in Economics and Data Science with highest Latin honors and was admitted to a business incubator at College of Charleston to develop a smart solar panel solution for developing nations.

Another amazing talent is a part of the lablab.ai community! But let’s cut to the chase - what does he think about our events?

_“ Lablab.ai's Thanksgiving Hackathon exceeded all my expectations. During the course of a single weekend, I had the privilege of not only encountering a fantastic group of individuals, but also of developing a state-of-the-art AI nurse assistant and sharpening my programming abilities. Additionally, I was able to showcase our work and spark the imagination of others, encouraging them to recognize and harness the democratizing power of AI tools. I look forward to future competitions and helping the community grow.” _

We also look forward to hearing from you and we will be more than happy to see the success of your AI nurse assistant and more projects of yours!

Second story - Radu Gheorghiu

ultimate search engine

Radu is a Data Engineer & ML Enthusiast. Among many of his achievements we would like to stress out that he gathered a community of AI & Data enthusiasts in his company and helped build a framework for doing basic research in the field of Data & AI, since there can't be AI without proper data.

And what does he think about working with AI outside of his workplace?

“I've signed up for the hackathon with only 2 days before it started, hence our team name - "LastMinute", without having any expectations or a lot of details about the event or previous events, I just knew I wanted to join in the current trend and explore the potential of LLM's. I've participated in a few company AI internal hackathons in the past, in 2017 and 2022, and I've been lucky to always be part of the finalists, but I never set any goals or expectations for this hackathon because I knew we were stepping into new territory. However, all of the presentations held by Lablab.ai mentors and AI21Labs developers really helped us hit the ground running when the hackathon officially started. It took us some time to also learn how to prompt the models the right way in order to get the response we wanted, but in only 2 days we were able to "crack the code", due to trial and error but also due to the documentation and videos I mentioned earlier. We spent the last couple of days building and refining our prototype and although the hours kept adding on the clock, the excitement of discovering how to work with LLM's kept us going. We worked up until the last few moments close to the deadline and made our submission at the last minute, keeping true to our team's name. We were happy and satisfied with the prototype we built and more importantly with the new things we've learned along the way and we were already feeling like we've won, because we learned something new which we think will be a big part of technology in the near future.”

We’re more than happy that you found prepared materials, learnt a lot and built a working prototype! Hit us up when your product will be launched and we promise to be the first testers!

Last but not least - Anastasia Promotska

utopic university

Anastasia is a Computer Science student at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She participated in different scientific competitions, including academic olympiads in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, IT technology, Geography, History, English. She wrote four scientific papers alongside her supervisor. With one of them she participated in the All-Ukrainian scientific conference EcoTechno Ukraine 2020 in both Ukrainian and English.

What a great young talent! Let’s find out what she thinks of lablab.ai experience.

“It was my first time participating in a Hackathon as well as having prompt engineering experience. Working in AI21 Labs Hackathon enabled me to form a team with my friends, come up with innovative ideas and set up a project which turned into a startup. Thanks to opportunities provided by lablab.ai and AI21 Studio, I was able to try myself in team leading and interacting with real AI models that I've hardly done on my own.”

We want to hear more about your Startup, Anastasia, keep us updated!

Lablab story = success story?

the future of collaboration

As you all know, we want to provide to all of our community members the best experience possible. We want to provide you access to the cutting edge technology, support of great mentors and most up to date tutorial and a sneak peek into what’s important in the AI industry through our blog.

We are more than happy that more and more people trusted lablab.ai, that with every AI Hackathon there are more and more participants. And the amount and quality of submitted projects! We also want to support you after the Hackathon - that’s why we created the “AI app” page to give a floor to your amazing submitted projects and make it easier for investors to reach out to you.

Today we already know that the lablab.ai team has been stressing out for the past months - we are now living in an AI revolution. With Microsoft’s Bing announcement of Bard from Google noone can be fooled that the reality looks in a different way. And you, as a part of lablab.ai’s community, have the unique opportunity to solve the world's problems with the help of AI.

Learn more about AI, get familiar with Stable Diffusion models Be part of the change, be the solution. Be part of lablab.ai!

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