Salz21 AI Hackathon: winner announcement

Monday, March 20, 2023 by Marek
Salz21 AI Hackathon: winner announcement

Second edition of Salzburg AI Hackathon is over!

Second edition of Salz AI Hackathon is over! After almost a year after the first edition (April 2022) we had the pleasure to create an event alongside salz21 for our amazing community of builders, creators and innovators!

During this AI Hackathon all participants could build with cutting edge AI technology. They could build around freshly open to public Whisper and ChatGPT API alongside other OpenAI tech (Dall-e 2, Codex, GPT-3), innovate with Cohere technology (CClassify, Generate, Embed, Sandbox, Multilingual Semantic Search) or A21 labs, Stable Diffusion or Yolov7!

And about the prizes:

  • A place in the StartUp Salzburg incubator (located in Austria) for six months
  • 2 FLEX memberships for 6 months for the TALENT GARDEN platform
  • Digital Ocean credits
  • A chance to pitch their project to an experienced panel of investors
  • The winners will have the opportunity to showcase their project at the salz21 conference
  • All hackathon finalists will receive a certificate of achievement and all submitted projects come with a certificate of completion
  • All projects that make it to the finals will be featured on's channels

Ok, but who won?

Let’s look at the numbers!

Before we introduce to you all of the winners, first let’s see the numbers. And if you want to see the winner announcement ceremony, we encourage you to watch our AI stream VOD.

Ok, let’s dive into the numbers:

615 participants from all over the world!

53 teams created by members of the community from different time zones, field of expertise, background and skill level!

11 working prototypes submitted!!!!

The submitted projects were evaluated by the judges using, by such criteria:

  • Degree of completion
  • Presentation Style
  • Applicability
  • Business value
  • Degree of Innovation
  • Originality
  • Technology
  • Realistic Capability Impact – How unique is it?
  • Overall Impression

So don’t wait any longer - let’s meet the 2 best projects, alongside 2 finalists!

Winner - Creator Alde

a robot siting with HR worker

The winners created an innovative and valuable tool for content creators allowing them to understand their audience's preferences and interests better!

“This app is a powerful tool designed to assist content creators who have a substantial following of over 5000 viewers or followers. By leveraging the YouTube API, the app can efficiently read through all the comments and classify them according to their sentiment, toxic content, or spam. [...]. In conclusion, this app provides content creators with a streamlined approach to understanding their audience's preferences and interests by analyzing the comments on their posts. By classifying, clustering, and summarizing comments, the app provides a valuable tool for generating new content ideas that will engage and excite their audience, leading to increased views and followers.”

Second place - MultiplAI

a picture of a robot creating different marketing content on a computer

Red Hot Data Wizards team created an innovative idea of utilizing AI to customize ads for individual users, potentially improving user engagement and conversion rates!

“MultiplAI is an API that takes in a base ad and outputs customized ads using various AI tools. The end goal is to generate more user engagement and a higher conversion rate. We use ChatGPT and Dall-E to convert the initial text and picture provided to us and customize it to one particular customer group, or even one particular customer, based on the data that is available about them. With increasing AI capabilities and more data being gathered for each individual user, big platforms and search engines will be able to not only cater the ads they show to a group of people, but literally personalize them for each individual user.”

Finalist - Vi chat

a woman talking to a robot

Team Clawcode during our AI Hackathon created a smart assistant tool to help family members to communicate with autistic offsprings!

“Vi-chat is an innovative AI assistant aimed at helping mothers connect with their autistic children by converting their voice into images easily understood by autistic children as they have difficulty processing spoken language but prefer pictures. [...]. This solution is never offered before to autistic children but it will help them communicate and boost their learning process. We plan to make this app go both ways from voice to image and from image to voice in the near future and make it customized to every child and his preferences.”

Finalist - Top Applicant Speedpass

a picture of a robot siting next to the HR worker during a job interview

Team AI-ku Poets built an innovative tool to help HR departments find and shortlist most suitable candidates!

“Finding top applicants is a time consuming, rigorous process that involves juxtaposing many resumes for comparison. This process is messy and may overlook qualified candidates in favor of time. TAS is the ultimate time-saving intelligent tool that allows recruiters to select their top candidates to interview. Instead of reviewing each submission one-by-one, a list of resumes is uploaded to TAS and analyzed. All resume data is parsed via OCR to allow recruiters to input both text and image-based PDFs. The recruiter then specifies an assessment question ("Which of these candidates for Finance Manager has experience in the Aviation industry?") to which GPT-3's assessment of that criteria will be provided back to the recruiter.”

What’s next?

a picture of a marketing robot in the altstadt salzburg

We love to see that the community of innovators, builders and creators is still growing and providing amazing solutions to fix the world's problems, rather than produce clones of existing apps. We are amazed by the complexity level of the submitted projects and the still expanding interest in AI technology. We believe that every 615 participants is already a winner, as they know what is the technology of the future!

We want to accelerate the innovations, that’s why we invited best projects to the AI slingshot program and we encourage you to do as well, if your project is on an advanced level - let help you grow and accelerate the future together!

We encourage you to discover all AI applications created by our participants during this and all of our past Hackathons to get inspired and see how other people are creating something amazing!

But the journey doesn't end here. Feel invited to our next AI Hackathons and be a part of the happening AI revolution. We have an upcoming dedicated Hackathon where you can build with cutting edge AI technology, alongside with ChatGPT API!

Join our next AI Hackathons, win amazing prizes, learn and grow.

Shape the future with AI. Change the reality with!