Created by team Red Hot Data Wizards on March 14, 2023

MultiplAI is an API that takes in a base ad and outputs customized ads using various AI tools. The end goal is to generate more user engagement and a higher conversion rate. We use ChatGPT and Dall-E to convert the initial text and picture provided to us and customize it to one particular customer group, or even one particular customer, based on the data that is available about them. With increasing AI capabilities and more data being gathered for each individual user, big platforms and search engines will be able to not only cater the ads they show to a group of people, but literally personalize them for each individual user.

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"MultiplAI presents an innovative idea of utilizing AI to customize ads for individual users, potentially improving user engagement and conversion rates. By integrating ChatGPT and Dall-E, the API can create personalized ads that cater to specific customer groups or individuals. The potential business value is high, particularly as data collection continues to expand. The presentation is concise, clear, and easy to understand"


Theodoros Ampas

Technical Mentor

"Great job! I really like the demo and solution as well. As a marketer, I'd love to have integrations with ADs platforms to be able to measure the resalts of campaigns - it this case, I'd use it everyday!"


Olesia Zinchenko

Product Marketing Manager

"Great idea for a project! Can't wait to see the further development."


Jakub Zakrzewski

Product Manager at New Native

"Your presentation tackles all the important points, looking deeply into the problem you're solving, great job! The idea is trending at the moment so business wise this is a great idea as well"


Dimitrije Pesic