AI Hackathons summary: the participant’s story

Tuesday, December 27, 2022 by Marek
AI Hackathons summary: the participant’s story

2022, the year of AI!

2022 was (is?) a big year for Artificial Intelligence (AI), and especially for, as we organized many AI Hackathons and managed to create an amazing community around AI technology. We inspired AI developers to showcase their skills alongside creativity, as well provided an opportunity to non technical people to learn building, creating and innovating with AI.

As is not only a place where you can build your prototype during one of the AI Hackathons. It’s not only a series of tutorials and blog posts helping you find Stable Diffusion tutorials, Stable Diffusion models, Chat GPT api or Generative AI models in general. It’s a place where like-minded people come together to create. To shape the future of how we will perceive reality. is a community. And we want to give voice to the community, so enjoy the stories of three amazing members of our AI community!

The organizers of the hackathons are thankful for the support of the AI community. They are

🎉 Tinsae Wondimu Techanea - a freelance machine learning engineer

Short info:

3rd place in Cohere's thanksgiving hackathon, top 4 in Stable diffusion hackathon, 2nd place in $50k AI Hackathon organized by AssemblyAI

“My first participation in's hackathon was the Stable diffusion hackathon. I registered for the hackathon without prior experience since it was also my first hackathon ever. However, the hackathon was so well-organized that I felt like a pro in no time! Everything I needed to build a project was there, including tutorials, free API endpoints, mentors, a channel to link up with other participants and even a yoga session. I was so impressed with the hackathon that I participated again in the next Thanksgiving hackathon, and I plan on continuing to do so in the future. In short,'s hackathons are a great time and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in building AI-centered projects. Just remember to have a full supply of coffee - it'll come in handy!”

Check Tinsae’s Thanksgiving Cohere AI Hackathon VerifAI project and Stable Diffusion AI Hackathon Fast Ads project. You can also check his linkedin profile.

✨ Christian Cancedda - Artificial intelligence Research at Polytechnic of Turin

Short info:

3rd place in the Transformers AI Hackaton. Researcher with accepted paper at top-tier (A-tier) conference ECIR2023 on the Characterisation of the properties of recommender systems based on knowledge graphs and reinforcement learning and of the explainability of their recommendations. Developed winning project at huggingface hackaton on generative models. Contribution to pytorch official repository with a 250x speed-up of their reinforcement learning algorithm. Devised the data science framework in a joint research project with CERN, University of Florida, Polytechnic of Turin and Milan as partners.

“The possibility to experience group-work as it occurs in research labs and workplaces, alongside people who are motivated to pursue a common goal. Furthermore, despite the high frequency with which hackathons are organized, all hackathons have thousands of participants, which makes them always very competitive and accessible. The fact that hackathons are organized weekly is also a positive aspect, since previously hackathons were generally a rare event and often it was difficult to match free time with the period in which they were organized.

Check Christian’s Transformers AI Hackathon AioMedica. You can also check his linkedin profile.

🎉 Rahel Gunaratne - freelancer

Short info:

Winner of two Hackathons - Transformers AI Hackathon and Stable Diffusion Hackathon

“LabLab is a great platform to build, test and showcase products under a deadline. The community is positive and on the cutting edge of AI.”

Check Rahel’s Transformers AI Hackathon winning project - Research Paper Clustering and Stable Diffusion AI Hackathon winning project - Stable Diffusion Creator. You can also check his linkedin profile.

If you’re not sure if AI technology is for you - don’t believe us - believe people who devoted up to 7 days of their lives to create a working prototype of their app using generative AI models. People who want to work with the cutting edge technology of tomorrow and want to shape the future. All the best in the upcoming year and we wish you a happy, 2023 AI Year!

And if you don’t know how to start 2023, maybe our AI Hackathons are a good start?