Driving Voice AI Innovation: Highlights from the ElevenLabs Hackathon

Friday, August 04, 2023 by Olesia
Driving Voice AI Innovation: Highlights from the ElevenLabs Hackathon

The recent ElevenLabs Hackathon hosted on lablab.ai was an exciting event that brought together a global community of over 2,660 coders, engineers, designers, and voice AI enthusiasts.

The ambitious goal? To collaboratively push the boundaries of what's possible with voice technology and AI.

With 140 incredibly inventive prototype submissions, 374 project teams formed, and participants from many countries, the intensive 3-day hackathon demonstrated the tremendous energy, creativity, and potential of the voice AI community.

The Hackathon Experience: Learning, Building, and Creating Together

For both veteran coders and enthusiastic beginners alike, hackathons like this provide a valuable hands-on learning experience. Participants not only get access to cutting-edge tools, but also get to connect with fellow builders and innovators.

Over the 4 packed days of the event, attendees participated in educational sessions led by both lablab.ai & ElevenLabs experts to get up to speed on how to leverage generative voice AI models. Equipped with this knowledge, they then formed teams and spent the bulk of the time collaboratively designing, architecting, and building out their unique project ideas.

Both individual participants and teams faced the exhilarating challenge of taking their ideas from conception to functional prototype in just 96 hours. The fast-paced and intensive building process encouraged creative problem-solving as developers integrated ElevenLabs' voice AI into the video and audio content and content creation process for their innovations.

The hands-on, collaborative setting facilitated learning not just from the educational sessions, but also from each other. Teams brainstormed solutions, provided feedback, and exchanged tips on best practices for voice AI implementation. Developers with more experience mentored newcomers, providing guidance and advice.

This combination of expert-led guidance and peer-to-peer collaboration led to incredible results and allowed participants to make the most of accessing ElevenLabs' cutting-edge natural voice technology. They emerged from the event newly-equipped with valuable hands-on experience in applied voice AI development.

Accessing the Latest Advances in Voice AI

Software developer working on Voice AI project

A key benefit of the hackathon was providing access to ElevenLabs' newest generative voice AI models, training videos and tools.|

Participants got to work hands-on with technologies including:

Speech Synthesis

ElevenLabs' Speech Synthesis provides extremely high-quality and more natural sounding voice and text-to-speech voice generation and capabilities. Developers could leverage it for text to speech and text to speech to create voiceovers and add lifelike voice narration and text to speech to their projects.

Key features include:

  • Generating audio in a growing number of languages and accents
  • Controlling pace, tone, style, and emotional expression
  • Maintaining contextual awareness for more natural delivery
  • Outputting to common audio formats


VoiceLab is an AI voice generator that enables creators to clone their own voice or design an AI voice generation and fully customized synthetic voices from scratch using generative AI. Hackathon coders used this tool to bring voice AI generation, generated voice and unique voices to life in their prototypes. With VoiceLab you can:

  • Clone a voice with just a few minutes of sample audio
  • Tweak pitch, speed, accent, tone, and other vocal qualities
  • Generate completely new voices tailored to your needs
  • Build diverse casts of characters for content

Accessing these powerful developer tools and being able to integrate them into working prototypes provided valuable hands-on learning and feedback opportunities. Testing the latest advancements allowed participants to push voice AI forward.

Prizes and Rewards for Top Projects

ElevenLabs Hackathon winners

Prizes and rewards were up for grabs for the top hackathon participants:

  • The 1st place submission earned its creators a $3,000 cash prize along with 3 months of free access to ElevenLabs' Creator plan to continue building out and refining their project.
  • The 2nd place project also earned its makers a cash reward of $1,000 together with 3 months of free access to ElevenLabs' voice AI tools through the Creator plan.
  • The 3rd place prototype was awarded $1,000 and 1 month of free access to ElevenLabs' Creator plan for the team to keep developing their innovation.

Additional Prizes and Mentions

Beyond the top 3, 4th and 5th place were awarded 1 month Creator plans.

Rewarding leading ideas helps accelerate innovation in voice AI and natural language processing. The prizes empower developers to keep perfecting their designs and potentially launch them at scale.

Supporting the Next Generation of Innovators

Software developer working on the Hackathon project outside

In addition to the hackathon prizes, the ElevenLabs hackathon offered various benefits to support users in exploring and building with their own voice and AI platform:

Community Forum

Participants had access to the both lablab.ai and ElevenLabs members to ask questions, troubleshoot issues, and connect with fellow builders. Knowledge sharing accelerates innovation.

Technical Tutorials

Both lablab.ai & ElevenLabs provided a library of technical tutorials, youtube videos, documentation, code samples, and guides to help video and audio content and creators skill up on voice AI applications.

These initiatives help lower barriers and provide on-ramps for students, academics, researchers, and developers looking to push voice technology forward.

Fostering Community, Collaboration, and Innovation

Developing AI innovations with Voice AI

The ElevenLabs Hackathon championed the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and community. Over the intensive 4 days spent learning together, participants made connections with fellow AI enthusiasts from around the world.

Mentors from lablab.ai with deep experience volunteered their expertise to help support participants with voice programming. Participants learned from one another by sharing advice, providing feedback, and collaborating on team projects.

Developers joined the event with diverse backgrounds spanning fields like machine learning, mobile app development, video content, design, linguistics, and more. This interdisciplinary collective of experts contributed diverse perspectives for creative problem-solving.

The dedication and camaraderie contributed to an engaging, stimulating environment where everyone was united by a shared passion for building the future of voice AI. Many participants noted that the connections made were just as valuable as the tools accessed.

The breadth and creativity of the solutions developed underscored the vast possibilities of voice technology. As we celebrate the accomplishments of all participants, the door remains open for anyone to join the voice AI revolution!

Let Your Imagination Speak: Generative Voice AI Use Cases

How to use Voice AIP: Voice AI use cases

Accessing ElevenLabs' powerful platform enabled participants to unlock the full potential of voice-based interfaces.

Some exciting use cases key features and possibilities include:

  • Audiobooks: Automate audiobook voice generation with synthetic voices tailored to genres, characters voices sound for, and other audio production and audio content styles.
  • Voice Assistants: Build custom voice virtual assistants with unique personalities different voices, backstories, and emotional expressiveness to engage users.
  • Language Learning Apps: Develop educational apps that leverage synthesized pronunciation and speech examples for students to learn from.
  • Accessibility Tools: Enable text-to-speech voice over for the visually impaired with customized voices and adjustable to speech styles and reading speed.
  • Interactive Games: Give in-game characters an AI voice, distinctive voices, languages and accents throughout, and dialogue powered by generative voice AI.
  • Smart Automotive Assistants: Create intelligent voice interfaces for vehicles that adapt based on contextual awareness and passenger needs.
  • Voice Cloning: Provide services that clone client voices for personal/professional use cases like podcasts, videos, and more.
  • Text-to-Speech: Convert long-form articles into natural seeming video content or natural sounding audio output or ebooks into natural sounding audio files or audiobooks using ElevenLabs voices.
  • Custom Interfaces: Design branded, unique voice interfaces for products by generating fully custom voices.

The possibilities are truly endless! Voice AI unlocks immersive experiences, customization, and smart human-computer interaction.

Join the Community of Innovators on lablab.ai

lablab.ai community of innovators working on AI Hackathons

We hope the creativity and ingenuity demonstrated during the ElevenLabs Hackathon will inspire more developers, engineers, and dreamers alike to explore the possibilities of voice AI.

If this sounds exciting, consider joining the broader community of builders on lablab.ai.

The platform hosts regular AI hackathons focused on innovations in not only voice, language, and human speech, but also other AI domains. It's a great way to connect with fellow developers, learn from experts, find project inspiration, and put your skills to the test.

Lablab.ai also offers forums, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge AI models to empower your projects. Together, we can drive the future of AI forward. Let your imagination speak - we can't wait to hear what you build next!

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