ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon: Winner announcement

Wednesday, April 05, 2023 by Marek
ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon: Winner announcement

48 h ChatGPT API & Whisper API Global Hackathon is Over!

During the 48h challenge people from all around the world had an amazing opportunity to work with cutting edge AI technology released to the public on 1st of March 2023 - Whisper and ChatGPT API!

Many projects didn't use only OpenAI’s technology, but also included in their projects many cutting edge technologies, such as Redis, GPT-3 or even GPT-4!

And the main prize for winners was:

  • $5,000 credit package
  • a spot in Slingshot, early stage acceleration program
  • Swag

And ofcourse, as always, all of the finalists, alongside with the winners, will be promoted in every channel to give them extra exposure and help them grow.

And one more thing - for the second time, we invited a Wild Card finalist to present his projects and compete for the main prize. is all about its amazing community of builders, creators and innovators, so it’s our way to give them a voice and see what they are passionate about!

Ok, but who won?

So many people on 48h AI Hackathon!

If you don’t want to have a sneak peak into stats, you can already find out who won, by watching VOD of our AI stream. But for all of those, who want to know more how community grows, here are some data

  • 2103 builders from all over the world who share a passion for AI innovations!
  • 179 teams of creators, who used OpenAI’s technology to fix the world's problems!f
  • 32 innovating prototypes, which can be developed into an AI startup!

In order to choose finalists and the winning project, our judges took into consideration all of the criterias below:

  • Degree of completion
  • Presentation Style
  • Applicability
  • Business value
  • Degree of Innovation
  • Originality
  • Technology
  • Realistic Capability Impact – How unique is it?
  • Overall Impression

Okay, we know all of the details, but let’s find out who won!


receptionist robot

AI chatbot for room rental companies and hostels got the heart of the judges and won a place in the slingshot program! If you want to know more about it, we invite you to reach out to the team room booking AI assistant!

“ChattyRental is a revolutionary chatbot powered by AI, designed to simplify and enhance the room rental experience for both renters and rental companies. [...]ChattyRental generates personalized recommendations for rental rooms based on a user's preferences and past behavior. [...] By leveraging the power of ChattyRental, room rental companies can cut their sales department costs by an average of 36%, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction and user experience.”

Finalist - AI Alliance

a call center robot

An amazing project was created by team AI Alliance to solve support call center based businesses to improve the quality of their services.

“[...] The proposed solution leverages Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Large Language Models (LLM) to automate and streamline the quality and assurance auditing process. [...] ​Overall, the proposed solution has the potential to transform the call center industry, providing businesses with valuable accurate insights into their customer interactions and enabling them to take proactive steps to train their operators and improve their overall customer experience.​”

Finalist - AI mentor

a robot teacher

Team Mentorsko created an outstanding solution to improve the quality of learning, with the power of AI tools, like ChatGPT, GPT-3 and GPT-4!

“Our application generates full courses on various topics and provides video lectures with text explanations and generated questions to reinforce learning. With the help of our AI mentor, students can learn at their own pace and receive personalized feedback to improve their understanding. One of the most exciting features of our application is the simple gamification process that engages students in the learning process.[...]”

Finalist - FeynmanAI

robotic geography teacher

To improve the quality of learning of people with dyslexia or ADHD, team Artificially Challenged created a solution to “learn better”!

“Feynman.AI makes online learning through educational videos more effective for individuals with learning disabilities. Around 20% of the world's population suffers from Dyslexia, and 4% from ADHD. [...] Our product addresses their issue by generating short and intuitive explanations of large videos from YouTube. Our goal is to reduce the time taken to comprehend long videos while enhancing retention of information. We enhance their ability to focus by providing an audio explanation of the simplified content, which the learner can listen to while reading. [...]”

Finalist and a community choice - Cultivate

a robot conducting a job interview

Team Cultivate created an AI powered tool to help companies find the perfect candidate for the initial interview process.

“Investing in the right talent is crucial to the success of any company, but finding candidates who are skilled and fit well with the organization's culture can be daunting. We have the solution. Our cultural fit bot, Cultivate, leverages the power of AI to help companies identify candidates who align with their culture, work style, and values.[...]”

The AI revolution does not end here! mission is to allow people from all around the world, who want to make the difference with the power of AI, to grow, develop their skills and innovate with AI. Already over 43 000 people trusted us and joined us on a quest of creating tools for the better tomorrow. In the community we have over 43 000 outstanding talented people, who became ambassadors of the AI revolution and we’re far from quitting here!

In order to give you the best tools to grow, we are creating more and more solutions on our platform to do so. We invite you to join our community engagement program, write tutorials for others to share your knowledge and support the innovations or blog posts to cover the changing landscape of AI technology. Or help others on their journey as a mentor - choice is yours!

But if you’re more of a lone wolf, we invite you to participate in our upcoming AI Hackathons and as you will know, your AI powered APP is an answer to one of humanity's problems - apply to our AI slingshot program to help you accelerate your innovation!

So, as you're reading this, join our upcoming AI Hackathons, become part of amazing community and shape the future with AI!

Or Open AI Hackathon or maybe some future reinforcement learning hackathon might be place for you to learn more?

Shape the future with AI. Change the reality with!

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