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Data Analyst / Backend developer


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A technology generalist with a bit of experience in everything. Inclined towards Data Analytics and Backend development. I speak only Python :)


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Ahmad Sultan


Hello! I'm Ahmad, a full stack software engineer based in Faisalabad, PK. I build things on the internet and love building large-scale applications with system design in mind. I have had the opportunity to work on various projects both in teams and as a freelancer, which has provided me with valuable learning experiences. Additionally, I have a passion for teaching Computer Science concepts. In fact, I have been actively involved in teaching as a part of my role as a MERN Stack Trainer within the Saylani Welfare Mass Training & Job Creation Program. This teaching experience has allowed me to impart comprehensive lessons on programming languages and technologies, including HTML, CSS,Bootstrap5, JavaScript,Typescript, React JS,React Native, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Express JS, to nearly 200 students. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others grasp complex concepts in a clear and concise manner as well as i loves to solve DSA Problem on leetcode to improve my coding skills.I am an open-source enthusiast who is eager to explore new opportunities within the realm of open-source development. My goal is to enhance my skills by working on substantial codebases and contributing to the open-source community. Currently, I am pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently: ▹ C ▹ C++ ▹ Dart ▹ Java (OOP + DSA) ▹ Python ▹ JavaScript (ES6+) ▹ Typescript ▹ HTML5 ▹ CSS3 ▹ SCSS, SASS ▹ Chakra-UI ▹ Aunt-Design ▹ Bootstrap-5 ▹ React-JS ▹ React-Native ▹ Firebase ▹ FireStore ▹ Node-JS ▹ Express-JS ▹ Mongo-DB ▹ Git ▹ Github ▹ Rest-APIs ▹ GraphQL

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