Letlhogonolo Fanampe@dj_papzin224

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Computer Vision Specialist

South Africa

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About me

I'm Letlhogonolo Fanampe, known in the tech community as DJ Papzin. My professional journey, rooted in analytical chemistry, has evolved into a passion-driven career in AI/ML engineering, with a specialization in Computer Vision. My expertise spans Python programming, machine learning, and innovative AI solutions. At Next Sapien, I've led projects in advanced facial recognition and OCR accuracy enhancement, showcasing my commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI technology. As a lifelong learner, I'm continually expanding my skills and am excited to engage in hackathons that challenge and advance the field of AI. You can view my diverse range of projects and contributions on my website and GitHub. I look forward to collaborating and innovating with fellow enthusiasts and professionals in this ever-evolving tech landscape.


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