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Curtis Myers



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DevOps, Plutus Engineer, CIO, Intern, Idealist, Human

United States

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Blockchain and AI enthusiasts and journey bound. I am learning in many areas from many communities hoping to build something that can change community collaboration. Recent research into AI and ML has only provided the motivation to learn more in this vast world of AI.


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    SnapGpt is an app aimed at improving the hiring process for all involved; refining resumes and job descriptions. It leverages AI to help job seekers update an existing resume or create one from scratch. Job seekers will be able to upload an existing resume, or input details, and the AI will refine it, checking for grammatical errors and coherence. It will also change the tone based on user input(ie. make it more professional) and embed relevant keywords. For employers the AI will make more effective and inclusive job descriptions. It can take an existing job description and refine it, fixing grammatical errors and using more inclusive language. The AI create a job description based on an employers input(ie. job title, experience, mandatory skills).

πŸ‘Œ Attended Hackathons

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    OpenAI Stack Hack

    πŸ—“οΈ This will be a week of hacking and fun from 24 February to 3 March πŸ’» Create innovative new apps with OpenAI's latest AI tools πŸ’‘ Learn from top AI professionals βš’οΈ Combine GPT-3, Codex, Dalle-2, and Whisper to build your AI app πŸ±β€πŸ’» Now is the time to register and let's get started!

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    Langchain x Autonomous GPT Agents Hackathon

    πŸ”₯ Join 24-hour AI Challenge 🦾 Create your very own AI agent, or agent simulation, in 1 day πŸ› οΈ Work with open source AI models to solve real world problems πŸš€ Join the community of AI creators to shape the future together! 🀝 Find your co-founders and mentors at the event

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    Open Source AI Hackathon

    πŸ”₯ 48 hours of creation 🦾 Build with Open Source AI models πŸš€ Tutorials and mentors to support you 🀝 Collaborate with the community of AI creators!

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