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Aman Yadav



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I'm currently pursuing UG in Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering. Learning backend languages like JS, MangoDB.

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AI21 LabsCohere


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    Text tab: use good writing feature to generate tone for characters' conversation. Because characters have different personalities, some seem formal when they speak, some seem casual... like that. Film makers write in their own tone. Then AI21 will adjust it, in order to make characters more real. Voice tab: use text to speech to create voice for characters, so that film makers don't have to hire voice actors/actresses?

    AI21 Labs
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    News Media Monitoring

    News monitoring news allow observing and collecting key customer data directly from mentions and discussions about your company (or your client’s company). These discussions take place in social media comments, product review websites, blogs, podcasts, discussion forums, and media websites.

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    AI21 Labs Hackathon

    🗓️ This will be a 7-day virtual hackathon from 13-20 January 💻 Access AI21 Labs' state-of-the-art language models to build innovative applications 🏆 Prizes and awards of up to $9000 API credits + $3500 cash 💡 Meet and learn from AI21 Labs and Lablab experts 👥 Join the community and find your team ✔️ All levels are welcome 📖 AI tutorials and mentors to help you ⭐ Receive a certificate of completion and Wordtune premium for submission 🐱‍💻 Sign up now! It’s free!

    AI21 Labs
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    Semantic Search AI Hackathon

    🗓️ This will be a 7-day virtual hackathon from 16-23 December 💻 Build AI application with the latest large language model-powered technology by Cohere 💡 Get the chance to work with the best AI professionals in the industry and learn from them ✔️Entry level = 0. You’ve just started with AI? Are you an experienced Data Scientist? Or maybe you are a Designer or Business Developer? Join us! We need your domain knowledge! 🐱‍💻 Register now and let's get started! It’s free!

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    OpenAI Stack Hack

    🗓️ This will be a week of hacking and fun from 24 February to 3 March 💻 Create innovative new apps with OpenAI's latest AI tools 💡 Learn from top AI professionals ⚒️ Combine GPT-3, Codex, Dalle-2, and Whisper to build your AI app 🐱‍💻 Now is the time to register and let's get started!

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