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    Introducing Autovid - a revolutionary project by high schoolers Ethan Geppel and Anton Varshavsky. With data from Pew Research revealing the addictive nature of social media, Autovid aims to make online time worthwhile by offering quick, educational content creation. Users can easily generate engaging shorts, promoting learning while scrolling. Our process involves ChatGPT content generation, Stable Diffusion unique image creation, Whisper audio transcription, and Elevenlabs audio generation. Currently focused on students, future expansion targets diverse audiences, enabling easy monetization on social media platforms. A sustainable revenue model includes subscriptions and in-app advertisements. Next steps involve website development, content quality improvement, video clipping, and custom content creation.

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    Hootmoo is an app designed to enhance early childhood education by putting the power of personalized learning in the hands of parents. Catering to toddlers as the primary beneficiaries, the app allows parents to specify the subjects and concepts they want their children to learn. With a few taps, Hootmoo generates vibrant and engaging flashcards that come alive with corresponding audio, transforming learning into an interactive and enjoyable experience. The app's user-friendly interface ensures that parents can easily customize flashcards to match their child's unique interests and developmental needs. Whether it's numbers, colors, animals, or even introductory language lessons, EduCard Connect covers a wide spectrum of subjects crucial for early learning. A standout feature of Hootmoo is its commitment to affordability and accessibility. The app operates mostly on a non-profit basis, with minimal profits generated to cover upkeep expenses. Funding is primarily sourced from unobtrusive elements like advertisements, sponsorships, and generous donors who share the vision of accessible early education for all. By harnessing the potential of modern technology, Hootmoo redefines educational toys and offers a cost-effective alternative for parents seeking interactive learning tools. It's a win-win solution that empowers parents to actively participate in their child's learning journey while fostering a love for learning from the earliest years.

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    Summerize is an innovative web application designed to facilitate efficient and structured information retrieval from online articles. With the primary goal of aiding students, researchers, and professionals in optimizing their research endeavors, Summerize offers the capability to extract essential content from web articles effortlessly. Incorporating a user-friendly interface, Summerize simplifies the process of obtaining article summaries. Users can input the URL of the desired article into the designated field on our platform. Upon clicking the "Summarize" button, Summerize employs advanced algorithms to swiftly distill the principal points, key insights, and critical takeaways from the article, presenting the user with a clear and coherent textual summary. Moreover, Summerize distinguishes itself by not only generating textual summaries but also by providing pertinent image prompts. Recognizing the significance of visual aids in presentations and research, the platform offers users the option to access relevant images extracted from the article. This feature enhances the quality and impact of presentations, ensuring that information is conveyed comprehensively and effectively. In summary, Summerize is a powerful tool that empowers users to streamline their research processes, save time, and enhance the quality of their academic and professional work. By continually refining its capabilities and expanding its offerings, Summerize aspires to become an indispensable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of online content with ease and efficiency.

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    Eleven Labs AI Hackathon

    šŸ‘… Generate realistic, captivating speech in a wide range of languages šŸ—“ļø Join an exciting 3-day online hackathon from July 28 - 31 šŸ’” Get full mentors support at platform šŸ‘„ Form Solo or Build Your Team šŸ±ā€šŸ’» Registration ends on July 28th morning, so don't miss out! Sign up Now!

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    AudioCraft 24-hours Hackathon

    Introducing AudioCraft: Dive into the cutting-edge of audio processing and generation with deep learning! Empower your audio applications with AudioCraft for richer, more versatile soundscapes.

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    SeamlessM4T 24-hours Hackathon

    SeamlessM4T is a breakthrough multilingual AI model šŸ˜® enabling real-time speech-to-speech translation across 100+ languages. This allows for seamless communication šŸ‘„ between speakers of different languages.

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