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Fine-Tuning 24-hours Challenge Summary

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Hackathon Overview

Our AI hackathon brought together a diverse group of participants, who collaborated to develop a variety of impressive projects based on:






AI Applications

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Submitted Concepts, Prototypes and Pitches

Submissions from the teams participating in the Fine-Tuning 24-hours Challenge event and making it to the end 👊

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We attempted to instill the deterministic, rule-based reasoning found in ELIZA into a more advanced, probabilistic model like an LLM. This serves a dual purpose: To introduce a controlled variable in the form of ELIZA's deterministic logic into the more "fuzzy" neural network-based systems. To create a synthetic dataset that can be used for various Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks, beyond fine-tuning the LLM. [ https://huggingface.co/datasets/MIND-INTERFACES/ELIZA-EVOL-INSTRUCT ] [ https://www.kaggle.com/code/wjburns/pippa-filter/ ] ELIZA Implementation: We implemented the script meticulously retaining its original transformational grammar and keyword matching techniques. Synthetic Data Generation: ELIZA then generated dialogues based on a seed dataset. These dialogues simulated both sides of a conversation and were structured to include the reasoning steps ELIZA took to arrive at its responses. Fine-tuning: This synthetic dataset was then used to fine-tune the LLM. The LLM learned not just the structure of human-like responses but also the deterministic logic that went into crafting those responses. Validation: We subjected the fine-tuned LLM to a series of tests to ensure it had successfully integrated ELIZA's deterministic logic while retaining its ability to generate human-like text. Challenges Dataset Imbalance: During the process, we encountered issues related to data imbalance. Certain ELIZA responses occurred more frequently in the synthetic dataset, risking undue bias. We managed this through rigorous data preprocessing. Complexity Management: Handling two very different types of language models—rule-based and neural network-based—posed its unique set of challenges. Significance This project offers insights into how the strength of classic models like ELIZA can be combined with modern neural network-based systems to produce a model that is both logically rigorous and contextually aware.


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Auto Recruit

Our platform revolutionizes recruitment with personalized experiences for candidates and streamlined processes for employers. Challenges with traditional recruitment system are: 1. TIme consuming 2. Screening Hassles 3. Inconsistent result 4. In effective methods Solutions - AutoRecruit AI is a comprehensive and cutting-edge solution to these problems. It puts the candidate at the center of its process and applies a breakthrough llama-based algorithmic approach to achieve unprecedented accuracy at speeds that haven't been seen before! Features 1. Candidate sourcing 2. Resume parsing 3.Candidate scoring and summary 4. Personalized Engagement Benefits 1. Time Saving 2. Cost-Effective 3. Efficiency Optimization 4. Better Candidate Fit

AutoHire AI

LangChainLlama 2

Visionary Plates

Visionary Plates: Advancing License Plate Detection Models is a project driven by the ambition to revolutionize license plate recognition using cutting-edge object detection techniques. Our objective is to significantly enhance the accuracy and robustness of license plate detection systems, making them proficient in various real-world scenarios. By meticulously curating and labeling a diverse dataset, encompassing different lighting conditions, vehicle orientations, and environmental backgrounds, we have laid a strong foundation. Leveraging this dataset, we fine-tune the YOLOv8 model, an architecture renowned for its efficiency and accuracy. The model is trained on a carefully chosen set of parameters, optimizing it for a single class—license plates. Through iterative experimentation and meticulous fine-tuning, we address critical challenges encountered during this process. Our journey involves overcoming obstacles related to night vision scenarios and initial model performance, with innovative solutions like Sharpening and Gamma Control methods. We compare and analyze the performance of different models, including YOLOv5 and traditional computer vision methods, ultimately identifying YOLOv8 as the most effective choice for our specific use case. The entire training process, from dataset curation to model fine-tuning, is efficiently facilitated through the use of Lambda Cloud's powerful infrastructure, optimizing resources and time. The project's outcome, a well-trained model, is encapsulated for easy access and distribution in the 'run.zip' file. Visionary Plates strives to provide a reliable and accurate license plate detection system, with the potential to significantly impact areas such as traffic monitoring, parking management, and law enforcement. The project signifies our commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of object detection technology to create practical solutions that make a difference in the real world.

AI Avengers


Business Llama

📣 Exciting News from Business Llama! 📈 🚀 We're thrilled to introduce "Business Llama: Optimized for Social Engagement," our latest project that's set to transform the way you approach business planning and go-to-market (GTM) strategies. 🌟 🤖 With the power of advanced, fine-tuned models, driven by the renowned Clarifai platform, we're taking your business strategies to the next level. Here's what you can expect: 🎯 Enhanced Decision-Making: Make smarter, data-driven decisions that lead to business success. 📊 Improved Business Plans: Develop robust and realistic plans backed by deep insights. 🌐 Optimized Go-to-Market Strategies: Reach your target audience more effectively than ever before. 🏆 Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead in the market by adapting quickly to changing conditions. 💰 Resource Efficiency: Maximize resource allocation and reduce costs. 🤝 Personalization: Tailor your offerings to individual customer preferences. ⚙️ Scalability: Apply successful strategies across various products and markets. 🛡️ Risk Mitigation: Identify and address potential risks proactively. 🔄 Continuous Improvement: Keep your strategies aligned with evolving market conditions. Join us on this journey to elevate your business game! 🚀 Stay tuned for updates and exciting insights. The future of business planning and GTM strategies is here, and it's more engaging than ever. 🌐💼 #BusinessLlama #SocialEngagement #DataDrivenDecisions #Clarifai #GTMStrategies

Team Tonic

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Lec2Learn - Finetuning AI Models

We present our solution Lec2Learn that works on Finetuning open source learning data for providing learning objectives. We start by obtaining all textbooks from opentextbookbc, we Process HTML to obtain the lecture and learning objectives, We then have pairs of lectures with their corresponding question groups, On the server we use Microsoft Phi 1.5 model and we fine tune it, We fine tune on the opentext data which is used so that model gets better at generating learning objectives, For the Prompt we give the lecture and learning objectives, we always start with Describe so model does not generate random data.


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Ad Enhance

In simple terms, all issue marketers and advertisers have in the world of digital advertising is resolved by our AI-powered ad optimization software. Make campaign creation, management, and optimization simple for individuals by using AI. To make it simpler for you to optimize advertising, increase user engagement, and improve decision-making while upholding moral principles and privacy laws, we designed our software with a focused-on customers direction. To remain competitive, we also discovered significant market potential and developed various revenue models. See how we can continue to create, release, and enhance our software in about a year by looking at our development timeline. We are prepared to change things and are eager to discover what the future brings.


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Medical Bot Using LLAMA2

A medical bot is a conversational AI tool that can provide medical information and support to patients. Medical bots can be used to answer questions about symptoms, treatments, and medications, as well as to provide coaching and support for patients with chronic conditions. The challenge is to develop a medical chatbot application using cutting-edge AI technology that can provide accurate and coherent medical information and assistance in real-time. This project requires addressing issues related to algorithmic precision, diverse medical data integration, medical knowledge incorporation, and real-time response capabilities. Our medical chatbot solution represents a cutting-edge fusion of AI technology and medical expertise. It stands ready to assist users with accurate, real-time medical information and guidance. With diverse data sources, a deep understanding of medical concepts, our chatbot ensures that individuals can access essential healthcare information with ease. Whether it's offering advice on common symptoms or providing recommendations for seeking professional medical help, our chatbot is a reliable and user-friendly healthcare companion


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In many parts of the world, women often face unique health challenges and disparities that can go unaddressed due to societal taboos, misinformation, or a lack of access to proper care. FemGPT Health Focus is a specialized, fine-tuned version of ChatGPT designed to address these issues head-on by providing empathetic, informed, and supportive responses to a wide array of female-specific health concerns. The Need for FemGPT Health Focus: Breaking the Silence: Many women hesitate to discuss intimate health issues due to cultural norms or embarrassment. FemGPT Health Focus aims to create a safe, confidential space where individuals can seek guidance and information without judgment. Raising Awareness: Health literacy is essential for making informed decisions about one's well-being. FemGPT Health Focus educates users on various female health topics, empowering them with knowledge to make better choices. Access to Information: In regions with limited healthcare access, FemGPT Health Focus acts as a valuable resource, offering guidance on self-care, early symptom recognition, and available treatment options. Empowering Women: Women's health encompasses not only physical but also mental and emotional well-being. FemGPT Health Focus provides support and advice on topics like stress management, self-esteem, and body positivity, fostering overall empowerment. Combating Stigma: By addressing sensitive issues like reproductive health, sexual wellness, and mental health, FemGPT Health Focus helps reduce the stigma around these topics, encouraging open conversations and timely intervention. Features of FemGPT Health Focus: Comprehensive Information: FemGPT Health Focus offers detailed explanations about various female health concerns, from menstrual health and pregnancy to menopause and gynecological conditions. Empathy and Understanding: This variant of GPT responds with empathy, acknowledging the emotional aspects of health challenges, and providing compassionate guidance.




AI-SteerEDU aims to revolution the world of online Platforms by giving the opportunity to give feedbacks from the individuals. The learners can also ask question in different languages to get responses in same Language. Suppose he gives feedback in French then the response will also be in French. Llama 2 gives us the opportunity to train Custom datasets on their own models to get specified results. Our main aim to collect feedbacks from students for online learning coaching platforms and refer other students the same courses according to their interests. Online learning platforms are used by millions of students worldwide, but finding the right courses and materials can be overwhelming. Our challenge is to create a personalized recommendation system that helps learners discover relevant courses and resources effectively.


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Quantum-Scribe is a pioneering AI project that pushes the boundaries of content creation. Leveraging the power of natural language processing and deep learning, our system generates well-structured, coherent manuscripts, reports, and articles on a wide range of topics. Whether you're a student, researcher, or writer, Quantum-Scribe streamlines the writing process, enabling you to focus on ideas and insights rather than struggling with words. Our project is poised to transform how information is documented, shared, and disseminated in various fields. Join us in reshaping the future of written communication.


OpenAILlama 2GPT-3.5Text Generation Web UILLaMA

Mental Health Counselor

A mental health counselor AI is a groundbreaking advancement in mental health care, combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. It revolutionizes mental health care by offering scalable and accessible support worldwide. This AI emulates human mental health professionals, engaging in empathetic conversations, actively listening, and gaining insights into users' emotional states. It assesses and diagnoses conditions like depression and anxiety through responses, tone of voice, and facial expressions, serving as an early warning system. The AI offers tailored therapeutic interventions, providing evidence-based strategies for stress, anxiety, and depression. It adapts recommendations based on user progress and emotional changes. Its 24/7 availability ensures help is always accessible, reducing barriers to mental health care. Privacy and confidentiality are maintained through strict data security protocols. Integration with health records and systems enables collaboration between AI and human providers, offering comprehensive care. Scalability addresses the demand for mental health services, making care more accessible. Continuous learning improves personalized support over time. In summary, a mental health counselor AI is a transformative innovation, offering accessible, scalable, and personalized support. With diagnostic capabilities, therapeutic interventions, and 24/7 availability, it addresses the global mental health crisis and provides vital support to those in need.


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Summerize is an innovative web application designed to facilitate efficient and structured information retrieval from online articles. With the primary goal of aiding students, researchers, and professionals in optimizing their research endeavors, Summerize offers the capability to extract essential content from web articles effortlessly. Incorporating a user-friendly interface, Summerize simplifies the process of obtaining article summaries. Users can input the URL of the desired article into the designated field on our platform. Upon clicking the "Summarize" button, Summerize employs advanced algorithms to swiftly distill the principal points, key insights, and critical takeaways from the article, presenting the user with a clear and coherent textual summary. Moreover, Summerize distinguishes itself by not only generating textual summaries but also by providing pertinent image prompts. Recognizing the significance of visual aids in presentations and research, the platform offers users the option to access relevant images extracted from the article. This feature enhances the quality and impact of presentations, ensuring that information is conveyed comprehensively and effectively. In summary, Summerize is a powerful tool that empowers users to streamline their research processes, save time, and enhance the quality of their academic and professional work. By continually refining its capabilities and expanding its offerings, Summerize aspires to become an indispensable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of online content with ease and efficiency.


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Personalized Financial Advice Chatbot Using NLP

Navigating traditional bank websites can be an exasperating experience due to their complex menu structures. The Personalized Financial Advice Chatbot (PFAC) is designed to revolutionize this by using advanced natural language processing and machine learning. PFAC interprets user intents and preferences, streamlining information retrieval and enhancing the user experience. Instead of getting lost in the maze of menus, users can simply ask PFAC for account balances, loan advice, or any financial queries in plain language. PFAC aims to make online banking more user-centric, providing a stress-free, straightforward way to manage finances. This project delves into technical details, benefits, and the potential to transform online financial advice.