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Yi Series by 01.AI: Pushing Language Understanding Boundaries

Engineered from scratch by 01.AI developers, the Yi series models stand as a testament to cutting-edge language understanding and processing capabilities.

TypeLarge Language Models

Yi LLMs Overview

Developers can leverage two standout models within the Yi series, each offering distinct capabilities in language processing:


This model flaunts exceptional performance across various evaluations such as MMLU and comprehensive LLM assessments. It outperforms larger counterparts like LLaMA2-70B and Falcon-180B while remaining cost-effective for diverse applications.


With robust language processing abilities, the Yi-6B model plays a crucial role in innovative projects and diverse applications.


01.AI's Yi series models are engineered to cater to developers' needs, offering advanced language processing capabilities for varied applications.

01.AI, founded by AI luminary Kai-Fu Lee, introduces the Yi-34B and Yi-6B models, surpassing performance benchmarks and setting new standards in language understanding.

Reports highlight the Yi series' superior performance compared to larger pre-trained LLMs across benchmarks like common reasoning, reading comprehension, and MMLU. This exceptional performance, combined with cost-effectiveness, positions the Yi series as an optimal choice for diverse use cases.

01.AI aims to democratize AI innovation, providing open access for academic research while requiring permissions for free commercial use. As 01.AI continues to redefine language understanding, the Yi series models serve as a beacon of advancement in the AI landscape.

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    Artificial General Yintelligence

    Artificial General Yintelligence

    AGYIntelligence stands at the forefront of AI technology, specializing in the creation of multi-agent environments. Our AI agents are equipped with unlimited context windows, a groundbreaking feature that significantly enhances enterprise applications across various industries. The Problem In today's fast-paced business world, companies struggle with: Limited data analysis capabilities Inefficient decision-making processes Inadequate strategic planning due to restricted AI contextual understanding Finance : Predictive analysis for market trends, resulting in a 15% increase in investment returns for our clients. Healthcare: Enhanced patient data analysis, improving diagnosis accuracy by 20%. Technology: Streamlined project management, reducing operational costs by 10%. Our Solution: Unlimited Context AI Agents Multi-Agent Environments: A network of AI agents working in tandem, ensuring comprehensive data analysis. Unlimited Context Windows: Each agent understands and utilizes an infinite range of contextual information, leading to more accurate and insightful decisions. Market Opportunity The global AI market is projected to reach $267 billion by 2027. Enterprise AI demand has grown by 270% over the last four years. Our target market includes Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on finance, healthcare, and technology sectors. Financial Projections Year 1: $5 million in revenue, primarily from pilot projects and early adopters. Year 2: Projected growth to $20 million with expanded market penetration and product enhancements. Year 3: Forecasting $50 million in revenue as we establish industry partnerships and broaden our client base. Competitive Advantage First-Mover Advantage: Pioneering the unlimited context window in AI agents. Customizable Solutions: Tailored to specific industry needs, enhancing client satisfaction. Scalability: Designed to grow with enterprise needs, ensuring long-term client relationships.