Unleashing Creativity with Yi 34B and Langchain

Created by team arxiv researcher and Yi34B on December 01, 2023

100s of new arxiv papers are uploaded everyday How do I get new ideas to apply them for my field ? How do i get a quick gist of the paper and related papers? Loom video of Demo: https://www.loom.com/share/a9d151a59a7c4fe68a8cc94b6a118d9d?sid=90a5d924-d995-4716-8a3b-c4da861e2e1d This helps improve creativity of researchers by applying the ideas of a specific ARXIV paper to a completely new field. This helps create a gist of the large arxiv paper with just the URL There by improving their productivity It also helps create a summary of all the related papers by doing a vector search based on the title

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