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SDXL Turbo: Advanced Text-to-Image Technology

SDXL Turbo is an innovative text-to-image model developed using a novel distillation technique called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). Launched as a pivotal upgrade over its predecessor, SDXL 1.0, this technology synthesizes high-quality images from text descriptions in real-time, offering an unprecedented leap in image generation performance.

TypeText-to-Image AI Model

Key Features

  • Real-time image synthesis from text prompts, significantly reducing the generation time
  • Maintains high fidelity in the resulting images, ensuring detailed and clear visuals
  • Incorporates a unique Adversarial Diffusion Distillation method, enhancing the quality and speed of image creation
  • Developed for research and non-commercial use, fostering innovation in AI and machine learning communities

Start building with SDXL Turbo

SDXL Turbo extends its capabilities to developers and researchers, allowing them to explore and integrate this advanced technology in various applications. Check out our research paper for a deep dive into the technical foundations and innovative aspects of SDXL Turbo.

List of SDXL Turbo's Types

SDXL Turbo (Full)

The SDXL Turbo (Full) is the complete model, best for systems that can handle intense tasks, available on platforms like ComfyUI and Automatic1111; ensure ComfyUI is updated post-11/29 for optimal functionality.

SDXL Turbo (Pruned, fp16)

The SDXL Turbo (Pruned, fp16) is a more resource-efficient version, ideal for devices with limited computational power or applications requiring faster processing, also compatible with both ComfyUI and Automatic1111.

SD Turbo

SD Turbo offers a simplified alternative for less demanding situations, prioritizing speed over detail, suitable for both platforms mentioned. Additionally, SDXL Turbo can be accessed via StabilityAI’s Clipdrop service for direct image generation, enhancing its accessibility and ease of use.

System Requirements

ComfyUI and Automatic1111

Both these platforms support the integration of SDXL Turbo models, with ComfyUI offering enhanced capabilities following its latest update to fully exploit the potential of SDXL Turbo.

StabilityAI’s Clipdrop

SDXL Turbo is also available on Clipdrop, a service by StabilityAI designed for seamless image generation. This integration broadens the accessibility of SDXL Turbo to a wider audience, making it easier for users to generate images directly through the service without dealing with the complexities of local setups.

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Visage du Benin Nùɖúɖú

Visage du Benin Nùɖúɖú

Nùɖúɖú is a chatbot built for anyone interested in exploring and enjoying the rich culinary heritage of Benin. It offers speech to image as well as text to image generation about the local food of Benin (Atassi, Amiwo). the aims: Dish Visualization: Provide users with an authentic platform to unleash their creativity and showcase their culinary ideas by accurately generating images of local dishes through AI technology. Recipe Sharing: Provide users with authentic recipes for traditional Beninese dishes, complete with cooking tips and ingredient lists. Cultural Education: Educate users about the history and cultural significance of various Beninese foods, connecting culinary practices with local traditions and festivals. Restaurant Recommendations: Suggest local or international restaurants that serve Beninese cuisine, potentially integrating location-based services to direct users to nearby dining options. Language Integration: Help non-native speakers learn culinary-related terms and phrases in local languages such as Fon or Yoruba, enhancing their dining and cooking experiences. Traduction of foreign languages to local language especially "fon" This app help people to visualize any videos in any domain (Agriculture, culture, tourisme, education, news, etc.) and add the subtitles in fon. The ideas is that people will be watching a video in English for instance and have the subtitles in fon. It will then solve issues related to language barriers.