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Portkey: Unlocking Next-Gen Data Solutions

Portkey is a leading technology provider specializing in data integration and transformation solutions. Founded in 2018, Portkey offers innovative tools and services to streamline data workflows and unlock valuable insights.

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Key Features

  • Simplifies connecting different data sources, making it easy to extract, transform, and load data for analysis
  • Allows users to modify and enhance their data without complex coding
  • Provides a single platform for managing data workflows, offering better visibility and control over data pipelines
  • Adjusts to changing data needs, ensuring performance and reliability

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Portkey provides a comprehensive suite of products designed to simplify data integration and transformation processes. Dive into Portkey's offerings to accelerate your data projects and unlock new possibilities. Don't miss out on exploring the apps created with Portkey technology showcased during lablab.ai hackathons!

List of Pinecone's products

Portkey Data Hub

Portkey Data Hub is a centralized platform for managing and orchestrating data workflows. With advanced features for data ingestion, transformation, and governance, Portkey Data Hub empowers organizations to streamline their data pipelines and drive innovation.

Portkey Connect

Portkey Connect is a powerful data integration tool that enables seamless connectivity between diverse data sources. From databases to cloud applications, Portkey Connect simplifies the process of extracting, transforming, and loading data, allowing organizations to leverage their data assets more effectively.

Portkey Transform

Portkey Transform is an intuitive data transformation tool that enables users to easily manipulate and enrich their data. With a user-friendly interface and a rich library of transformation functions, Portkey Transform empowers users to cleanse, reshape, and enrich their data to meet their specific business needs.

System Requirements

Portkey runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems, needing at least 4 GB RAM and sufficient storage for datasets. It operates on standard processors but performs better with multicore CPUs. Stable internet and modern browsers are necessary for cloud access and web-based interfaces, respectively.

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Traditional sales and marketing approaches are becoming less effective in the digital age. Businesses struggle to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and consumer behaviors. The vast amount of data available is overwhelming, and companies often find it challenging to extract actionable insights. This results in missed opportunities and inefficient strategies that don't resonate with target audiences. BuroTonic addresses these challenges head-on by leveraging AI to provide precise client and market strategies. Our platform's highly adaptive virtual agents analyze vast datasets to generate detailed sales strategies and consumer profiles in real-time. This enables businesses to make informed decisions quickly, adapt strategies on the fly, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Highly Adaptive Agents: Tailored virtual agents that evolve with your business needs, offering personalized sales and marketing strategies. One-Click Deployment: Effortless cloud deployment, ensuring BuroTonic is scalable and accessible, regardless of your business size.Dynamic Instructions: Input your objectives, and watch as BuroTonic's agents refine their strategies based on real-time market feedback. Business Intelligence: Deep, actionable insights designed specifically for enhancing business intelligence and operational efficiency. Market Opportunity: The global business intelligence market is expected to reach unprecedented levels in the coming years, with a significant portion driven by AI and machine learning technologies. BuroTonic is perfectly positioned to capture a substantial share of this market, offering unparalleled value to businesses seeking to leverage AI for competitive advantage.



There are currently no software solutions for reconciliation that do not require a constantly updated digital record or that, in other words, allow ‘one-offs’. Accountants serving large limited companies, that take advantage of recurring bookkeeping have no trouble when it comes to tax season. But, the 30 million sole proprietorships in the US and UK, that do not have access to these luxuries of scale, are forced to rely on, more often than not, the manual, laborious exercise of reconciliation. This problem is exacerbated when considering the fact that, in most cases, invoices and receipts are stored in non-digitized formats and require accountants to handle them as ‘one-offs’. This occurs as sole-traders typically do not maintain digital books or a track record of any kind. Enter stage right: ReconcilAi. Our app allows accountants to upload bank statements, invoices, receipts and contextual information. Natural language processing is used to process documents on both sides of the equation, standardizing the format and utilizing contextual understanding to retrieve the appropriate values. After which, simple algorithms undergo the matching process and present the results in a user friendly manner. The user can then download their data and proceed confidently with their tax-return process. Even in the case where only 50% of documents are matched successfully, the user work load has been halved saving countless man-hours and wages. Building this application was largely simplified thanks to tools such as, but not limited to, Trulens for evaluating our chosen model’s contextual retrieval abilities and Portkey for rapid prompt prototyping in practice. We would also like to thank the LablabAi team for organizing the insightful workshops and the hackathon as a whole.

AI for Poverty Reduction

AI for Poverty Reduction

Introducing our revolutionary AI-powered application designed to bridge the gap between impoverished individuals and compassionate donors: The Poverty Alleviation Connector. In a world where economic disparities persist, our platform serves as a beacon of hope, facilitating direct connections and fostering tangible support for those in need. At the heart of our application lies a simple yet powerful concept: empowering individuals to make a difference. Through our user-friendly interface, impoverished individuals can create profiles, sharing their stories, challenges, and aspirations with the world. By highlighting their unique circumstances, they not only raise awareness but also establish a personal connection with potential donors. For donors seeking to make a meaningful impact, our platform offers a curated selection of profiles, each representing a compelling narrative of struggle and resilience. Whether driven by personal experiences, philanthropic values, or a desire to effect change, donors can browse through profiles at their leisure, selecting individuals or causes that resonate with them on a profound level. Crucially, my application provides multiple avenues for support. Donors have the flexibility to contribute directly to individuals in need, providing financial assistance, resources, or guidance tailored to their specific circumstances. Alternatively, donors can choose to contribute to a centralized fund, where our team ensures equitable distribution to those most in need, optimizing the impact of each donation. What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency, accountability, and community-driven solutions. Through advanced AI algorithms, we verify the authenticity of profiles, safeguarding against fraudulent or misrepresented cases. Moreover, we provide regular updates and progress reports, allowing donors to track the impact of their contributions and witness firsthand the transformative power of collective action.