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Introduction to Point-E: 3D Models from Text Prompts

Point-E is a groundbreaking system developed by OpenAI, capable of generating 3D point clouds from text descriptions. This technology facilitates a rapid 3D object creation from textual prompts within a mere 1-2 minutes on a single GPU.

While the quality may still be evolving, the efficiency and speed offer an appealing alternative to other state-of-the-art methods. The following sections explore Point-E's theoretical model, use cases, set-up guide, and essential resources for 3D AI enthusiasts.

What you need to know about Point-E

OpenAI's Point-E leverages a two-step diffusion model to transform textual prompts into 3D point clouds. By first generating a synthetic view with a text-to-image diffusion model, it then produces a 3D point cloud, conditioning on the generated image.

Although slightly behind in terms of sample quality, its ability to sample one to two orders of magnitude faster makes it practical for various use cases.

Use Cases and Tips: Point-E in Action

1. Quick 3D Model Generation

  • Applications: Design prototypes, visual concepts, educational materials.
  • Tips: Utilize simple categories and colors for optimal results.

2. Integration with Other OpenAI Tools

  • Examples: Pairing with ChatGPT for interactive design, enhancing visuals with DALL-E.
  • Tips: Consider hardware capabilities to ensure smooth integration and performance.

How to Set Up Point-E: Step-by-Step Guide with Code Samples


Install Point-E using pip with the following command:

Getting Started with Examples

Here are some sample notebooks to help you dive into Point-E:

  • image2pointcloud.ipynb - sample a point cloud, conditioned on some example synthetic view images.
  • text2pointcloud.ipynb - use our small, worse quality pure text-to-3D model to produce 3D point clouds directly from text descriptions. This model's capabilities are limited, but it does understand some simple categories and colors.
  • pointcloud2mesh.ipynb - try our SDF regression model for producing meshes from point clouds.

Evaluation Scripts

For advanced users, P-FID and P-IS evaluation scripts are available:

Blender Rendering Code

For 3D rendering, utilize the Blender script -



Point-E by OpenAI opens doors to rapid 3D object generation with minimal hardware requirements. As it continues to evolve, Point-E stands as a promising alternative to existing methods, making it an appealing option for professionals and enthusiasts in the fields of 3D AI and design. Explore, experiment, and create with Point-E!

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