Hackathon guidelines

🏁 Start Here

We are glad to welcome you to lablab.ai hackathon!

Please note that the event will take place partially here, on the lablab.ai platform and Lablab community Discord server. We encourage you to register for both of these in order to participate in the event.

Lablab.ai will live stream the entire event on its Twitch channel. Don't forget to be there and follow the channel.

Thank you again for registering to our event and we look forward to seeing your project.

📅 Hackathon Schedule

The schedule is available for you to see on the event page on https://lablab.ai/event

📕 Get Started Guide

  1. Join our Discord.
  2. Attend the hackathon Kick-Off on Deep Learning Labs Twitch channel. If you can not attend, we will share the recording later. (Checkout the event page to know the time of the Kick-Off).
  3. If you don’t have a team, you can still find it yourself. We encourage you to look for a team before the event, or right after the Kick-Off presentation. We recommend you to join the Lablab.ai community Discord server: https://discord.gg/gCuBwBB35k and write a post in #👥looking-for-team channel

    Pro tip: Teams with diversified backgrounds usually achieve the best outcomes. For example, if you are a programmer, try to look for a designer, or/and a person with a business background to join your team.
  4. The hackathon challenge and evaluation criteria will be introduced during the Kick-Off.
  5. Mentors will assist you during the hackathon and give you feedback on your progress. You can communicate with them by:
  • Using “Calling for help” in your team’s page
  • writing in #ineedhelp channel on our Discord with concrete questions or asking them for help. (tag @Mentor)

🙌 How to participate

Step 1. Find your teammates on our Discord, and join or form a team on lablab.ai

Step 2. Choose a team leader. The team leader is responsible for ensuring everyone on the team has a task and contributes to the solution creation process throughout the hackathon.

Step 3. As a team leader, connect Discord in your profile settings and a dedicated voice channel for your team will be automatically created on Lablab.ai Discord Server.

Step 4.. Agree on your team name.

Step 5. Concept Stage. Choose the idea you will be working on. Think outside the box.

Step 6. Teams are expected to prepare at least one concept. After that, connect with mentors for concept review.

Step 7. Build a prototype of your concept. Contact mentors and use shared boilerplates and Lablab.ai tutorials to speed up development.

Step 8. Every 30 min hands-off keyboards for 5 min, look at what you have managed to accomplish within the past 30 min and how it has brought you closer to the end goal. Talk over how to optimize the next 30 min to make the most of it.

Step 9. Make sure somebody in the team is working on your solution presentation in advance.

Step 10. Submit your material before the deadline (you can see the deadline time in the event page and team page). We will ask you to submit:

  • A link to your presentation
  • A link to your project repository
  • (most important!) A 5-minute recording with you presenting your project. In the video please include:
    • What have you built?
    • Demo of the prototype
    • How you have built the prototype
    • Business plan for your product (nice to have)

Submit with the lablab.ai platform, in your team page. (You need to be a team leader to do that).

🌐 Lablab.ai guide

  • Enroll for the event https://lablab.ai/event/
  • Fill out your profile information
  • From the event page go to the event dashboard
  • Create a team or ask your team leader to invite you to the team. As a team leader, you can invite other participants by clicking “Add teammate”, and sending an invite URL to them, or clicking “invite” on the participant list (they will get an invite notification to their email)
  • Fill out team profile information in “⚙️ settings”
  • When the time comes, submit your project by clicking the “submit” button in the team’s page

💬 Lablab.ai Discord Guide

  • By asking for help on the #ineedhelp channel, hackathon participants can get assistance from mentors and organizers of the hackathon.
  • Additionally, the #faq channel is a great place to ask questions about the event.
  • Use the #looking-for-team channel to team up with other hackathon participants
  • Finally, participants can use dedicated channels in the “TEAM TEXT CHANNELS” and “TEAM VOICE CHANNELS” section to cooperate with their teammates and make sure everyone is on the same page.


Where does the event take place?

lablab.ai and Discord https://discord.gg/C8MCWNAxNB

Where do I submit my project?

lablab.ai team page (you need to be a team leader to do that)

Do all team members have to register for the Hackathon?

Yes. All members of each team will need to register independently via https://lablab.ai/

Do I need to have a team?

We welcome participants to come with their teams, however, it’s not obligatory. Most of the participants find their teammates during the start of the event.

How will I work with the mentors?

Use “Calling for help” in your team’s page

Use #ineedhelp channel on our Discord. You will post your queries in chat and tag @Mentor

Do I need to pay any money to register for the Hackathon?

No. Our initiative is non-profit. You do not have to pay anything to anyone to register yourself for our Hackathons.

Do I need to give a demo of the solution that I have built?

We will ask you to submit a 5-minute video where you present your project. You will need to submit your result before the deadline so it will be available to see for all participants and the Judges.

Will I be able to watch recordings after the stream ends?

Yes, we will share the link after the stream ends.