Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guide for Hackathons

At, we value the innovation and creativity that participants bring to our hackathons. To help you prepare your hackathon project submission, we've outlined all the required fields and forms, as well as provided recommended practices for each. Please keep in mind that all these components are equally important and contribute to your chances of advancing to the finals.

1. Basic Information:

  • Project Title: Choose a clear, descriptive title that genuinely represents your project.
  • Short Description: A concise summary (up to 255 characters) capturing the essence of your project.
  • Long Description: Detailed write-up (at least 100 words) highlighting the problem, your solution, target audience, and any unique features/benefits.
  • Technology & Category Tags: Select tags that best categorize your project, aiding judges and participants in understanding its primary focus.

2. Cover Image and Presentation:

  • Cover Image: Provide a visually appealing image that stands out.
    • Format: PNG or JPG.
    • Aspect Ratio: Recommended 16:9.
    • Resources: Figma board provided for design assistance.
  • Video Presentation: A maximum 5-minute video in MP4 format. Begin with an introduction, discuss your PDF presentation, then showcase your project's functionalities.
  • Slide Presentation: Summarize your project in a PDF format slide presentation.

3. Application Hosting & Code Repository:

  • Public GitHub Repository: Your project code should be stored publicly on GitHub.
  • Demo Application Platform: Opt for Streamlit (for Python web apps), Replit (for online code execution), or Vercel (to host web apps).
  • Application URL: Provide a link that allows interaction with your prototype.

4. Pro Tips for a Stellar Submission:

  1. Highlight the Problem & Solution: Start with the core issue your product resolves.
  2. Detail Your Product: Discuss how it functions and the technologies involved.
  3. Showcase User Interaction: A screen recording demonstrating user interaction is impactful.
  4. Discuss Market Scope: Include Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM).
  5. Revenue Streams: Highlight potential revenue sources.
  6. Analyze Competitors: Delve into strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing your Unique Selling Proposition.
  7. Talk About Future Prospects: Share scalability and impact potentials.
  8. Brevity is Key: Keep slides succinct; limit to 2-3 sentences each.

5. Judging Criteria:

  1. Presentation: How effectively you convey your project.
  2. Business Value: Commercial potential and value proposition.
  3. Application of Technology: The technologies applied and their relevance.
  4. Originality: How unique and innovative your idea is.

6. Submission Checklist:

  • Project Title
  • Short and Long Descriptions
  • Technology and Category Tags
  • Cover Image
  • Video Presentation
  • Slide Presentation
  • GitHub Repository
  • Application URL

In summary, make sure to thoroughly review all the guidelines and put your best foot forward. We're excited to witness the innovation you bring to the hackathon. Best of luck!