Hackathon Rule Book Hackathon Rule Book


Welcome to the Hackathon. Please read these rules carefully. Non-compliance may result in lower scores or disqualification.

Submission Guidelines

Adherence to Guidelines

Failure to adhere to submission guidelines may result in a lower score or exclusion from the hackathon.

Basic Information

  • Project Title: Must be clear and descriptive.
  • Short and Long Descriptions: Follow the character and word limits; these are critical for evaluation.
  • Technology and Category Tags: Proper categorization is essential.

Cover Image and Presentation

  • Cover Image: Use PNG or JPG format with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Video and Slide Presentation: MP4 and PDF formats are mandatory.

Application Components

  • Public GitHub Repository: Mandatory for storing your code.
  • Demo Application Platform: Use Streamlit, Replit, or Vercel.
  • Application URL: Required for interactive evaluation.

3. Judging Criteria

  • Specific criteria are outlined in a separate section.

by Walaa Nasr

1. Presentation
Judging criteria Score: Presentation (pdf and video)
1 - PoorNo description of problem or gaps to fill.
2 - LimitedThe problem & solution are not effectively communicated and difficult to understand. Presentation video is less than 3 min.
3 - AdequateEffectively communicates the problem, solution, and value proposition in less than 5 min. Absent market analysis and or marketing revenue. No future goals or plans.
4 - StrongEffectively communicates the problem, solution, and value proposition in less than 5 min. Explain market analysis and marketing revenue. Explain future goals & plans.
5 - ExcellentExceptional in every aspect. Well-crafted and flawlessly communicates problem, solution, and value proposition. Effectively shows project's strengths and uniqueness through competitive analysis.
2. Business value
Judging criteria Score: Business value
1 - Limited Business ValueLittle or no potential for practical or commercial viability. Not addressing a significant problem or market need.
2 - Some Business ValueSome potential for business value. Uncertain market feasibility, scalability, or revenue generation. Address a niche market with limited demand.
3 - Moderate Business ValueShows reasonable business value. Addresses market need with potential to generate revenue. Require further development or validation.
4 - High Business ValueHigh business value, with clear market potential. Potential to attract a large customer base and generate significant revenue. Strong market feasibility and scalability.
5 - Exceptional Business ValueStands out as having exceptional business value. Potential to disrupt the industry or create a new market. Presents a clear sustainable revenue generation and long-term business success.
3. Application of technology
Judging criteria Score: Application of technology
1 - Poor ApplicationDemo video is not available in video presentation. Demo link is not available. Github is not available.
2 - Limited ApplicationDemo video may be shown in presentation but not with full features of the idea. Framework is not clearly shown. Demo link is not available or working. Github code is not available or shown.
3 - Adequate ApplicationDemo video is shown with all features tried. Demo link is available and working as expected, but there may be minor areas for improvement or optimization. Github code is not available or partly available.
4 - Strong ApplicationDemo video is shown with all features tried. Demo link is working & is well-executed, with features and functionalities working smoothly. Github code is available & well thought off.
5 - Excellent ApplicationDemonstrates exceptional application of AI technology through demo link, video & GitHub code. The technical implementation is flawless, and the project utilizes technology in a way that surpasses expectations.
4. Originality
Judging criteria Score: Originality
1 - Not OriginalApp is an exact copy of existing solutions without any novel approaches.
2 - Limited OriginalityIdea is common or lacks differentiation from existing solutions in the field.
3 - Moderately OriginalExhibits some unique idea or approach that distinguishes it from existing non-AI solutions like decreasing cost or time.
4 - Highly OriginalUnique perspective or innovative idea employing unconventional methods to solve the problem. Novel elements, creative combinations, or unexpected applications.
5 - Exceptionally OriginalStands out as exceptionally original, offering transformative idea or approach. Completely new perspective. Has potential to disrupt the industry or solve the problem in a completely unprecedented way.

Technical Issues and Manual Submission

Manual submission is available for 6 hours post-hackathon for those with valid reasons and prior approval from organizers or mentors.

Ethical Conduct

Unethical behavior, such as plagiarism or gaming the voting system, will lead to immediate disqualification.

Mentor and Organizer Participation

Organizers are welcome to participate but are not eligible for prizes. If mentors or organizers participate, they cannot serve as judges.

Judge’s Code of Conduct

Judges must adhere to the following principles:

  • Confidentiality of all submissions.
  • Abstaining from judging in case of a conflict of interest.
  • Declaring any affiliations that might compromise impartiality.
  • Not copying, retaining, or sharing any entry materials.

Mini Hackathon Specific Rules

All general rules apply. Limited mentor support is available as this is considered an expert challenge.

Good luck! We are excited to see your innovation and creativity in action.