Getting Started With lablab

Getting Started With lablab

Welcome to the Hackathon


We are thrilled to welcome you to the Hackathon. To partake in this exciting and transformative event, you'll need to complete your registration on both our platform and Discord server. The Hackathon will be conducted through a synergy of these platforms, and we will also be live streaming the entire event on our official Twitch channel.

Registration Steps Platform

  1. Register for the event via the Event Page.
  2. Complete your participant profile here.
  3. Navigate to the specific event you are attending.
  4. Create a team or join an existing one. If you're the team leader, you can invite members by clicking on the "Add Teammate" button and sharing an invitation URL. Alternatively, click "Invite" on the participant list to send email and Discord notifications to prospective teammates.

Discord Server

  1. For mentor assistance, utilize the #ineedhelp channel and tag @Mentor.
  2. For general inquiries or clarification, consult the #faq channel.
  3. Team up with other participants by using the "Active Hackathon" channel and the "Looking for a Team" thread.
  4. For team coordination, please use dedicated channels under the "TEAM VOICE CHANNELS" section. These channels come equipped with an integrated text chat feature for streamlined communication.

Event Timeline

  • Hackathon Kick-Off: This vital session will be live-streamed on's Twitch channel. The recording will be later made available on Discord. Visit the event page for the timing details.

  • Team Formation: If you haven't yet formed a team, we encourage you to do so either prior to the event or immediately after the Kick-Off presentation. You can find like-minded participants by posting in the "LOOKING FOR A TEAM" section on our Discord server.

  • Team Size: Please note that each team must not exceed a maximum of five participants. This ensures a fair distribution of roles and responsibilities among team members.

  • Individual Participation: While we recommend team collaborations for a richer hackathon experience, individual participation is also welcome. You're free to take on the challenge by yourself if you prefer.

    Pro Tip: Teams composed of individuals with a diverse array of skills often produce the most groundbreaking solutions. If you are a developer, consider seeking out team members with design or business expertise to create a well-rounded team.

  • Mentor Support: During the Hackathon, mentors will be available to provide constructive feedback and guidance. Engage with them by using the “Calling for Help” feature on your team’s page or by posting in the #ineedhelp channel on Discord and tagging @Mentor. Post-Kick-Off, an email will be sent to you with a document containing scheduling links for 1:1 mentor calls (not obligatory).

  • Project Submission: Adhere to the Submission Guidelines and submit your project via the dedicated button on your team’s dashboard within the platform.

We are eagerly looking forward to your contributions and wish you the best of luck in this endeavor. For any questions or additional information, feel free to reach out to us.

Let the hacking begin!