Getting Started With Lablab

Getting Started With Lablab

Learn how to participate in the hackathon, including the schedule, how to find a team, and how to navigate on the platform and Discord server.

🏁 Start Here

Welcome to hackathon! In order to participate in the event, you need to register on the platform and Discord server. The event will take place partially on both platforms. will be live streaming the entire event on their Twitch channel.

Here's how you can get started:

  1. Register on both platform and Discord server.
  2. Attend the Hackathon Kick-Off on Twitch channel. If you cannot attend, the recording will be shared later on Discord. Check out the event page to know the time of the Kick-Off.
  3. Find a team. If you don’t have a team, look for one before the event or right after the Kick-Off presentation. Join the Discord server and write a post in “LOOKING FOR A TEAM” category.

Pro tip: Teams with diversified backgrounds usually achieve the best outcomes. For example, if you are a programmer, try to look for a designer, or/and a person with a business background to join your team.

  1. The hackathon challenge will be introduced during the Kick-Off.
  2. Mentors will assist you during the hackathon and give you feedback on your progress. You can communicate with them by using “Calling for help” in your team’s page or writing in #ineedhelp channel on our Discord with concrete questions or asking them for help. (tag @Mentor)

Getting started with

Here are the steps to get started with

  1. Enroll for the event on the event page.
  2. Fill out your profile information here.
  3. Go to the event page you are attending.
  4. Create a team or join an existing one. As a team leader, you can invite other participants by clicking “Add teammate” and sending an invite URL to them, or clicking “invite” on the participant list (they will get an invite notification to their email and Discord).
  5. When the time comes, submit your project by clicking the dedicated button in the team’s dashboard. Follow the steps listed in Delivering Your Solution Guide.

Getting started with lablab Discord

Here are the steps to get started with lablab Discord:

  1. Use the #ineedhelp channel to get assistance from mentors and organizers of the hackathon (tag @Mentor).
  2. Use the #faq channel to ask questions about the event and get clarification from the organizers.
  3. Use the 'looking-for-team' channel category to team up with other hackathon participants. Please note that there is a separate dedicated channel for each hackathon.
  4. Use dedicated channels in the “TEAM VOICE CHANNELS” section to cooperate with your teammates and make sure everyone is on the same page. Please note that these channels have an integrated text chat feature.