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    Zilliz Vector Database

    Zilliz Technologies, the creators of Milvus, presents Zilliz Cloud, the go-to solution for efficient vector search and manipulation. Trusted by over 5000 enterprises globally, Zilliz Cloud simplifies vector search applications, enabling developers to harness the full potential of advanced vector search capabilities.

    TypeVector Database

    Zilliz Overview

    Zilliz Cloud is a fully-managed service built upon Milvus, the leading open-source vector database. With over 23,000 stars on GitHub and 3.8 million+ downloads, Milvus has solidified its position as the fastest-growing vector database. Zilliz Cloud extends Milvus' capabilities, supporting billion-scale vector search effortlessly, earning trust from over 1,000 enterprise users worldwide.

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      Technology Resources

      • Zilliz Cloud Documentation - Dive into detailed documentation for a comprehensive understanding of Zilliz Cloud's features and functionalities.

      Zilliz Cloud simplifies the deployment and scaling of vector search applications by eliminating the complexities of infrastructure management. Its fully-managed service enables developers to build and scale AI applications with confidence.

      Discover the endless possibilities with Zilliz Cloud's vector database capabilities. Sign up for a free Zilliz Cloud account, access our official SDKs, create your initial collection, and perform vector similarity searches to supercharge your AI applications within minutes. As you prepare to launch your application, seamlessly upgrade to a pay-as-you-go plan.

      For more information and to explore diverse use cases, visit Zilliz Use Cases.