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Zilliz Vector Database

Zilliz Technologies, the creators of Milvus, presents Zilliz Cloud, the go-to solution for efficient vector search and manipulation. Trusted by over 5000 enterprises globally, Zilliz Cloud simplifies vector search applications, enabling developers to harness the full potential of advanced vector search capabilities.

TypeVector Database

Zilliz Overview

Zilliz Cloud is a fully-managed service built upon Milvus, the leading open-source vector database. With over 23,000 stars on GitHub and 3.8 million+ downloads, Milvus has solidified its position as the fastest-growing vector database. Zilliz Cloud extends Milvus' capabilities, supporting billion-scale vector search effortlessly, earning trust from over 1,000 enterprise users worldwide.

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    • Zilliz Cloud Documentation - Dive into detailed documentation for a comprehensive understanding of Zilliz Cloud's features and functionalities.

    Zilliz Cloud simplifies the deployment and scaling of vector search applications by eliminating the complexities of infrastructure management. Its fully-managed service enables developers to build and scale AI applications with confidence.

    Discover the endless possibilities with Zilliz Cloud's vector database capabilities. Sign up for a free Zilliz Cloud account, access our official SDKs, create your initial collection, and perform vector similarity searches to supercharge your AI applications within minutes. As you prepare to launch your application, seamlessly upgrade to a pay-as-you-go plan.

    For more information and to explore diverse use cases, visit Zilliz Use Cases.

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    The GPT Report Card App

    The GPT Report Card App

    πŸš€ The GPT Report Card App is an absolute powerhouse in the world of AI metrics tools! 🌐✨ Utilizing a cutting-edge blend of technologies, it's not just an appβ€”it's a true marvel! 🌟 πŸ” True Lens technology takes LLM (Large Language Models) and Advance LLM metrics to a whole new level. Perfect for testing, training, customizing, optimizing, and automating your AI models! πŸ€–πŸ’‘ πŸ”„ Enter LangSmith and LangChain, a dynamic Python framework that revolutionizes agent training. Tailor your models with precision through customization, optimization, and automation. The future of AI development is here! πŸπŸ’» πŸ¦™ But wait, there's more! Mixed with the Llama Index, this app incorporates short-term memory functionality and database injection for seamless operation. And that's not allβ€”the app even focuses on self-improvement! πŸ”„πŸ§  πŸ”’ Vector database technology ensures permanent memory storage and trained memory retention. Your AI models will never forget, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. πŸ“šπŸ§  πŸ“Š Supporting a whopping 5 main categories for testing and training LLMsβ€”Text, Code, Image, Agent, and Audio/LLMβ€”this app covers all bases, making it the ultimate tool for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike! πŸ“πŸ’»πŸŽ¨πŸŽ™οΈ In a nutshell, the GPT Report Card App is a game-changer, bringing together a symphony of technologies to make AI metrics more powerful and accessible than ever before! πŸš€πŸ”₯



    Our commitment to advancing healthcare for underrepresented medical conditions led us to explore cutting-edge AI solutions. In our pursuit, we leveraged the power of TruLens to meticulously compare the performance of GPT-4 Vision against our custom-built model. This model, carefully trained in Vertex AI using a bespoke dataset we meticulously curated, showcased promising results. Surprisingly, our analysis revealed that GPT-4 Vision did not outperform our custom model by a significant margin. However, given the marginal difference and the sheer convenience offered by GPT-4, we decided to integrate it into our solution. The decision proved strategic, setting the stage for further advancements. Taking our innovation to the next level, we implemented RAG methodology with the help of our Zilliz database with informative Articles on TMJ exercise. This enhancement propelled our results tenfold, optimizing the accuracy and reliability of our AI solution. This transformation wouldn't have been possible without the advanced capabilities of technologies such as Vertex AI and TruLens. The amalgamation of these powerful tools enabled us to craft an exceptional AI physical therapist. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it also provides richer and more informative insights. Our AI physical therapist is not just a technological marvel; it's a testament to the positive impact technology can have on healthcare accessibility and effectiveness. Through our journey of innovation and collaboration with leading AI technologies, we've created a solution that goes beyond expectations, offering a reliable and trustworthy resource for the medical field.

    Study Buddy App

    Study Buddy App

    Study Buddy is an innovative iOS application designed to enhance the studying experience for students. It leverages the power of large language models (LLMs) and is anchored on a robust tech stack. The backend is fully deployed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), utilizing a combination of advanced models including Cloud Vision for OCR, Palm for natural language processing tasks, and Google Cloud Text to Speech. The application integrates Zilliz with Milvus as a Vector Database, ensuring efficient data handling and retrieval. The performance and accuracy of these models are continuously evaluated and monitored using Trulens. The mobile application, developed in Swift, is tailored for seamless interaction with these backend services. This integration allows the app to offer unique functionalities: Q&A with Course Content: This feature enables students to query any image or PDF in their course materials. By leveraging the Vision and Text models, the app can interpret and analyze the content, providing immediate and accurate answers directly from the study resources. Effortless Flashcard Creation: Utilizing the application's advanced text understanding capabilities, students can instantly convert sections of their course materials into custom flashcards. This allows for efficient and targeted studying, making the process of memorization and revision more effective. Quiz Image Solver: This innovative function allows students to snap a picture of a questionnaire or exam. The app then uses its Vision model to recognize and interpret the questions, and cross-references with the uploaded course materials to provide accurate answers for each question. And as a bonus for all the main features, Study Buddy offers text-to-speach functionalities.