Video Makers

Created by team Video Makers on December 22, 2023

Long Description: At the heart of our vision is the belief that generative AI technology has revolutionized the film industry, opening doors for virtually anyone to step into the role of a movie producer. Our project in this Hackathon aims to validate this concept by crafting a concise, 35-second film "composed of shorts," leveraging cutting-edge generative AI tools, namely Custom GPT and Stable Video Diffusion, in line with the competition's guidelines. Our methodology encompassed four distinct phases: Utilizing our Script Writing Custom GPT to generate the film script and accompanying images. Employing Eleven Labs for the audio narration of our script. Transforming the generated images into brief, 5-second video segments using a Stable Diffusion Image 2 Video XT tool from HuggingFace. Assembling these segments in Filmora to produce a cohesive 35-second film, complete with narration and sound effects. Overall, the execution was remarkably smooth. We navigated technical hurdles with ease, and our strategy of utilizing autonomous agents for script and image creation proved to be a groundbreaking approach for swiftly developing scripts for short films.

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