Codesign X

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Created by team Uncharted on April 19, 2023

To develop a website you need UI and graphic skill and also inspiration. Most Developers from backend to frontend don't have those skills and rely heavily on graphic designers. It's nearly impossible to develop a web site if you don't have a friend or money to hire a freelancer or an agency More over if you don't have a clear idea, It can cost quite a lot. Codesign X is a tool that integrate VS Code and Stable Diffusion (and other AI technologies later) to help developers be creative and productive from day one ! It will assist you naturally through your IDE to generate medias and code and integrate them directly in your code. Codesign X is not just an IDE extension but also a SAAS solution. The plateform will store your medias and share them, allowing collaboration with other developers or content creators. For now, Codesign include the features : - Image and code generation with aI - Images Saving - Url Shortener - Basic search engine Codesign X will provide multiple services later such as analytics and AI and will generate revenue through subscriptions plans

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