RubberDuck MVP

Created by team RubberDuck on April 21, 2023

Have you ever felt like you couldn't retain all the information from a talk, class, or event? Or maybe you feel stuck on a problem and need new perspectives to find innovative solutions? Introducing "Rubber Duck," your intelligent virtual assistant based on the concept of "rubber ducking"! The term "rubber ducking" comes from the practice in which programmers explain their problems to a rubber duck in order to clarify their thoughts and find solutions. Rubber Duck uses the power of GPT and Whisper to listen and transcribe your conversations, classes, or events, summarize the most important points, and the power of Stable diffusion to turn those abstract concepts into mnemonic support images and ask Socratic questions to help you learn and find innovative solutions. With Rubber Duck, you'll never have to worry about taking notes or missing important details again. Let Rubber Duck be your study and problem-solving companion, and see how it helps you reach new heights in your learning and creativity!

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