Created by team rafah on November 07, 2023

Why are Many AI tools for customer engagement platforms failing to attract users? Consider the frustration when you need to switch between different tools to access AI functionalities - this is the challenge Rafah addresses. Many customer engagement platforms operate within closed environments, making external integrations complex and, often, impossible. Rafah circumvents these issues by integrating as a browser extension, bringing AI features directly to you, within the platforms you're already using. Rafah is a browser extension that seamlessly infuses artificial intelligence into your customer engagement platforms. With Rafah, the customer agent can classify messages, generate data-rich augmented responses, summarize the conversations, and more. Our focus is on creating a seamless user experience – with Rafah, the tools don't just work within your platform, they feel like they were built for it.

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"Your service shows great business potential, with an impressive demo and attention to detail. The overall presentation was good, your attention to detail is evident, and the clean code implementation enhances the overall impression. Your innovative approach to seamless AI integration in customer engagement platforms is notable. Wishing you continued success in refining and advancing your solution."


Muhammad Umar Nawaz

Full stack developer

"- Attractive presentation, and good delivery. Although it just abruptly cut off at the end without a concluding statement. - Interesting product architectural approach, to inject the AI into the existing tools via a browser extension. - I like the holistic focus - it factors in both the human UX elements and the technical elements. - For the demo it would have been better to demo the tool first, and then afterwards briefly summarize the installation process. People will care more about what it does instead of how to install it, so first show what it does. - Great readme file in the repo."


Justin Hayes

Head of Field Engineering